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Blair, Charles F.
1951 May, 29 Capt. Charles F. Blair flew his P-51D Mustang "Excalibur III" 3,375 miles from Bardufoss, Norway, to Fairbanks, AK. becoming the first person to make a solo flight across the North Pole. The flight took 10 hours 29 minutes.

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1959 Aug, 07 Operation Julius Caesar: Two F-100F Super Sabres commanded by Brig. Gen. Charles F. Blair flew non-stop from Weatherfield RAF Station, England to Eielson AFB, AK. over the north pole. The first flight by jet fighter over the North Pole.

The 9 hour 37 minute flight of more than 4,700 miles was made to study the feasibility of deploying this type of aircraft via the polar route, as well as flight testing the navigational systems under Arctic conditions.
See also: United States Air Force,