Mar, 11 Start of the world's first international air mail service, between Vienna and Kiev
Apr, 01 British Royal Air Force was formed.
Apr, 13 Lt. Luis Candelaria made the first flight across the Andes, from Argentina to Chile.
May, 09United States Signal Corps,
Flight surgeons were organized and assigned to U.S. flying fields.
May, 15United States Signal Corps,
The Government's first permanent airmail route was inaugurated between washington and New York by Army pilots.
May, 20United States Signal Corps,
The Overman Act removed aviation from the Signal Corps and established the US Army Air Service and the Army Bureau of Aircraft Production.
Jun, 24 The first official air mail flight in Canada, from Montreal to Toronto, was made by Capt. B. A. Peck in a Curtiss JN-4.
Aug, 12 The first regulaly scheduled air mail service in the US began between New York and Washington.
Sep, 07 Several planes carried 18 enlisted men from Chanute Field,IL to Champaign, IL. in the first US demonstration of troop trasport by air.
Dec, 04 Four Curtiss JN-4 aircraft under Maj. Albert D. Smith left San Diego for Jacksonville in the Armys first trans-continental flight. Their destination was reached on 22 Dec.