Aircraft Finder for
Sikorsky H-60 (Black hawk)
Primary Role: Helicopter  (USAF "H" 1948-Present)

DesignationModified RoleLocationSerial / Regist.
YUH-60A  United States Army Aviation Museum Ozark, Alabama73-21651
UH-60A Utility  
EH-60A Special electronic installation  
MH-60A Multi-mission  
VH-60A Staff transport  
HH-60A Search and Rescue  
EH-60B Special electronic installation  
SH-60B Anti-submarine  
NSH-60B Anti-submarine  
EH-60C Special electronic installation  
UH-60C Utility  
VH-60D Staff transport  
HH-60D Search and Rescue  
HH-60E Search and Rescue  
SH-60F Anti-submarine  
MH-60G Multi-mission  
HH-60G Search and Rescue  
UH-60G Utility  
HH-60H Search and Rescue  
HH-60J Search and Rescue  
MH-60K Multi-mission  
MH-60L Multi-mission  
EH-60L Special electronic installation  
UH-60L Utility  
UH-60M Utility  
VH-60N Staff transport  
UH-60P Utility  
UH-60Q Utility  
SH-60R Anti-submarine