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 True Kansan
 , Kansas

To the people of the world. I am truely sorry for the low-life who wrote this garbige. All of Kansas is sorry for this jerk.
08/18/2011 @ 01:17 [ref: 22541]
 , Kansas

No person from Kansas is that much of a moron! JQPublic is probably from Oklahoma! It is a great museum,but needs some work!
03/24/2010 @ 13:26 [ref: 9304]
 John Q. Public
 , Kansas

This museum site is crap! Nothing on it works! I guess that museum Nust make Kansas air museum look like the worlds best! P.A.M. can suck my Balls.
01/29/2008 @ 15:08 [ref: 6720]
 Topeka, Kansas

I thought the museum was very well detailed, down to the aircraft tie down devices on the carrier deck displays. This museum just opened a few months ago with plans to expand. There are only a few displays but they are very well placed and detailed to the particular era of the conflict they represent. It is located where the tower scene from the movie "Pearl Harbour" was filmed. I enjoyed my visit and hope to return to view the future expansion.
07/23/2007 @ 06:20 [ref: 6144]
 , Hawaii

Museum is in definite need of funding. They only have about 7 or so planes in a tiny hangar. They have plans to open 2 more hangars and of course adding on to the existing one. They also plan on opening the old control tower next to the hangar. Don't expect much if you come here to see it. Otherwise, check out the Arizona memorial, the Missouri battleship and the Bowfin sub
05/03/2007 @ 22:45 [ref: 5898]
 cezar gomez goliad jr.
 san juan, California

hey girl
05/05/2006 @ 08:02 [ref: 4979]
 Edwards, California

The link needs to read . I agree with everyone else, site need major work.
10/11/2005 @ 16:10 [ref: 4502]
 George MacRae
 Virginia Beach, Virginia

Needs some work to make it operable. Keys to exhibit do not work. Gave up and signed off.
03/07/2002 @ 21:56 [ref: 1926]
 Sydney, Hawaii

Site still won\'t work.No hot keys work.
05/25/2001 @ 23:47 [ref: 1135]
 Dennis Chan
 Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR,

The links does not work.
02/28/2001 @ 08:30 [ref: 897]


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