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 philip larson
 apilington, Iowa

went there with my two boys, ages 6 and 4, they were fascinated! being able to touch the machines made it all the more real for them. I agree, the person from 29 palms ca. missed a lot. But then this isn't disneyland either.
05/30/2005 @ 19:04 [ref: 4105]
 Fritz Schuetzeberg
 Liberty Hill, Texas

Outstanding! I respect the condition of the aircraft. I am NOT disapointed in any way. This place is run by all volunteers! I can still recall when Cubs went from yellow to a strange green color. The new, so called, restorations that are enamel polished yellow fakes and win contest are BULL. This field, hangers, buildings, the Taylors and the aircraft are from my childhood memories of about 1952 in Seguin Texas. You need to see this place for what it is and not as some type of commercial museum. You can put your hands on this history. You don't need to stand behind a yellow barrier tape with DO NOT TOUCH. Thank you for your consideration. Hats off to the Taylors. Fritz
08/06/2004 @ 16:50 [ref: 3333]
 John Riedel
 Davenport, Iowa

Outstanding display of planes in their original as used condition. These plane have been bought for future restoration. So many planes you can hardly move around the many hangers. I found the museum looking for a Vulmer Jensen 3 axis hang glider on the internet. The revolutionary circa 1970 hang glider is hanging in the rafters! Includes a WW2 flight simulator, 1930's racing planes, surface effect ram wing which I saw in Popular Science in the 70's. Also a Mooney Mite such as my father flew from Montana to Wisconsin for work in the early 1950's. The person from 29 Palms California has a poor perspective on historical aviation. Take the trip, pealing paint is great!!!!
09/13/2002 @ 18:25 [ref: 2466]
 cleve schuetzeberg
 , Texas

I visited the museum in July 2000 on my way to air adventure 2000. Many vintiage tail draggers here! If you are someone who likes "old planes that need to be restored in that old barn," this is the place! The people are very nice and they love to show you around. Best of all, you can fly in, it's on a beautiful Iowa grass airfield.
02/12/2001 @ 14:57 [ref: 841]
 Jim Atkins
 Twentynine Palms, California

Rather a disappointment- peeling paint, dust and a generally seedy look. Many facinating airplanes but they are not being kept up. Sad, mostly. Not world class by any objective standards.
01/31/2001 @ 13:20 [ref: 804]
 R.A.K, all of you people who would love to know a lot about air craft me as well too.. so am glad to see this page..and now am planing to visit this museum ,even am coming from far country..(U.A.E) at main time i'll be visiting my best friends in Iowa..have a nice day..
12/08/2000 @ 07:18 [ref: 660]
 , Nebraska

I drive through IA every summer pulling a camper sure didnt know the museum was there I am going to make a point of stopping at the museum I am very interested in the Aeronca K me and a freind (he's at that great airport in the sky) used to fly one right after ww2. Norm
12/06/2000 @ 21:35 [ref: 655]
 ben taylor
 ottumwa, Iowa

I am the grandson of the co founder of this museum and it is definately a world class museum not high tech just world classif you have questions about the museum contact Brent my dad or Bob Taylor my grandfather at 641-938-2773 this our new area code. ben taylor
11/29/2000 @ 15:23 [ref: 632]


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