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 C. Parsons
 , Kansas

Mr Koehn seems to the expert in looking and comentimg on museums. Since he is so great, why does, he not volenteer to work at one of these. With your expertese the museums they will be perfict.
10/09/2010 @ 19:08 [ref: 11183]
 Jack Koehn
 , Kansas

It's an aircraft dump!!!!!
02/09/2010 @ 10:19 [ref: 9256]
 Quenemo, Kansas

I took my 2 1/2 year old just before X-mas/09. We really enjoyed our selves. The aircraft are great. They need to do more marketing and better fund raising.
12/23/2009 @ 15:44 [ref: 9208]
 Tony Wessel
 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

We visited the day before Thanksgiving 2008. The main hangar of the museum was very clean and well maintained. The aircraft were also clean and the paint in excellent condition. It was well worth the trip. Their second hangar is also their workshop so it wasn't as nice, but it was presentable. The EC-121 could use some work, but the inside was preserved and accessible, which is quite an accomplishment in itself. I have pictures on my Facebook: There were also some aircraft at the Kansas National Guard Museum, also located on Forbes Field near what would have been the main gate when the base was still an active SAC base. If the links don't work, you can email me at Facebook users feel free to "add" me. Keep up the good work!
07/16/2009 @ 16:48 [ref: 8826]
 Mt. Hope, Kansas

I have to admit some people have really put this place down. I have been here twice, and for a true fan of military aircraft, enjoyed it each time. Many of the aircraft inside just need a good dusting off. The Conni and MiG outside need the work and put in doors. On my second trip the F-84 had been repainted and looks great. Unfortunately the F-86 Sabre (my favorite) is still being worked on. Worth the trip is a park also on Forbes Field, of Kansas National Guard. There they have several helicopters, tanks, and a decent B-57.
04/13/2009 @ 14:47 [ref: 8777]
 Tom Johnson
 K.C., Missouri

I agree with T. Andes! What a waste of aircraft! Get a new Admin. Run the place like you mean it ....or close it!
07/06/2008 @ 18:20 [ref: 8160]
 T. Andes
 Salina, Kansas

I agree with the last review. Get creative! No air museum can survive on pancake feeds! Does this place have a paid director? Fire him and get someone creative!! Soon!!!!!
03/21/2008 @ 17:55 [ref: 7232]
 Jon Jackson
 Wichita, Kansas

After reading the reviews I decided to see for myself. Great planes,poor management. For funding ask for Kansas Economic Development money from the KS Lottery! Use the Kansas Cosmosphere as and example of what can be done for a building...although it is poorly run also. Wh not have something going on to showcase your museum when ther are thousands of people two blocks away at the big drag races. Put more signs on interstate to show how to get there. Why not have a monthly think tank by volunteers to come up with new ideas. DUH!
02/22/2008 @ 19:12 [ref: 6838]
 T. Andes
 salina, Kansas

Get real Dave!
12/19/2007 @ 17:59 [ref: 6599]
 Topeka, Kansas

I disagree with the previous comment, completely. This museum is run by true enthusiasts who do not have major funding or backing and most of the cash they raise are through pancake bakes etc. Sure, the buildings could be more modern if funding was available but the aircraft on display are painstakingly restored by an all-volunteer group of retirees and the results. If one can see the "before" photos (as I have) to the restored versions on display, the planes are in excellent condition. The display of combat aircraft engines is unique and some of the engines can very rarely be seen anywhere outside of the major air museums that are better funded (Smithsonian, Seattle, San Diego etc. etc.). Take some time to linger, enjoy and appreciate what has been achieved by a band of true veterans.
11/01/2007 @ 11:20 [ref: 6461]

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