The Aviation Museum of Kentucky

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Address(1)4000 Versailles Rd.

Located at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington just off U.S. 60

General Information

    Hours of operation
    Tues., Thurs., Fri. & Sat.: 10 - 5
    Sun. : 1 - 5
    Adults : $3.00
    Seniors : $2.00
    Students : $1.50

Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 don schabel
 , Kentucky

Nice display of military planes - Tomcat, A4, T38 etc. Also non-military, WACO, homebuilts. Replica of first plane flown in Kentucky. A helicopter and a non-military plane you can sit in along with simulators.
08/17/2013 @ 07:25 [ref: 55507]
 winn turney
 lexington, Kentucky

The museum is in the planning stages of the construction of a larger new facility.Before this can take place,the site that has been selected must be freed from the constraints created by the present location of Runway 8-26 and other minor restrictions. Funds for the relocation of this runway must be allocated by the Kentucky legislature in early 2008 so as to acquire the necessary matching federal and Bluegrass Airport funds in order to move forward.
09/17/2007 @ 10:26 [ref: 6318]
 Taylor Pace
 Winchester, Kentucky

The Aviation Museum of Kentucky is the coolest place to visit. I'm 9 years old and I spend ALMOST every Sunday there. I love all the people who work there and hope when I get older I can volunteer there.I'm trying to learn the facts about all the airplanes. I can't wait to go to Aviation Camp next summer when I'm 10. I want to learn to fly. And the gift shop has alot of cool stuff in it! I spend my allowance there.
07/05/2006 @ 15:51 [ref: 5114]
 Don Sproule
 Lexington, Kentucky

We now have the last F-14B Tomcat from VF-32, the Swordsmen, on display. Admission is $5 for adults, $4 for seniors, and $3 for students 6-16, undeer 6 are free.
04/09/2006 @ 05:54 [ref: 4948]
 Don Sproule
 Lexington, Kentucky

Our hours are now 10 to 5, Tues thru Sat, 1 to 5 on Sundays; the admission is now $4 for adults, $3 for seniors, and $2 for students, under 6 are free. The area code is now 859, not 606 (old ) and our web site is We have a F-4S, T-38 in T'Birds markings, A-4 in Blues markings, the only Crosley in the world, OH-58, ASH-1 Cobra, and other birds. Expecting a Huey and F-14 before the summer is out. We are planning to be closed during the week of 16 Aug in order to restore the F-4 and work on the floor. If you drop by on a Monday, and anyone is there, you will not be turned away. If you live in the area, we need volunteers. Every Tuesday night is work night, we have many projects going on, including wqorking on some of our engines, including what is, we think, the only GE 805 in the world. It was used on the Convair 990, and is a low bypass, rear-fan, engine. If you are a group of over about 6, please call ahead and let us know in advance.
07/30/2004 @ 00:34 [ref: 3312]
 Jim Jones
 Southern, New Jersey

Found reference to the Museum at visitors center. Needs more publicity. Would have been worth the time even if it was out of the way. Well worth the visit. Nice collection. Staff is extremely interested, interesting and more than willing to talk with you. Could have spent all day talking with them. The only reason it is not world class is the size.
09/25/2002 @ 12:16 [ref: 2502]
 Mike Stevens
 Danville, Kentucky

I went to this museum one time when I was 9 years old, and I loved it. Since then I have been back many times and each time was just as good as the first. Every time I go I learn something new. This is an awsome museum.
08/07/2002 @ 11:41 [ref: 2339]
 Roy Troughton
 Cincinnati, Ohio

A small but interesting museum with some nice aircraft that include a A-4 Skyhawk,T-38 Talon and a recently acquired F-4 Phantom. Definately worth a visit if you find yourself in the Lexington area.
12/06/2000 @ 21:07 [ref: 653]

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