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 , New York

hey i didn't even go to the museum yet and just looking through the comments and all your websites i really want to go
05/16/2008 @ 02:22 [ref: 7690]
 Lila Prentice
 Chico, California

My husband, Frank, used to own a Howard DGA - N7771 -. We sold it in the \\\'60\\\'s and heard that it had been sent to Quantico, Virginia. We visited the Quantico base 20 years ago and were told it had been shipped to a museum in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Since I can\\\'t find any info from there, do you have any idea where it might be? It may have been used by the military, before we owned it, for transport or ambulance. When we sold it it had a beautiful blue and white paint scheme. Thank you for any info you can supply us. Lila Prentice - Chico, CA
03/15/2008 @ 07:55 [ref: 7091]
 loretta a nelson
 hamburg, Michigan

Hi! I am a granma and I watch my two grandkids, Atea age 3 and Devon age 5...I am unable to reach you by phone.....I have tried half a dozen times at different times of the day.....we would like to come see the Spaceships etc....before they start school.....they are so excited to be able to see a rocket or spaceship.......I took my grandson up in a Cessna for my 60th birthday and he loved it........please call: 810-231-0739 and email me at: lanelsonskulis@hotmail.com
08/26/2006 @ 06:23 [ref: 5210]
 david bertoncini
 benton harbor, Michigan

The Kalamazoo Air Zoo is awesome, although a little pricey. The Michigan Space Center is going to be such a synergistic addition to an already great facility. I anticipate that this will be a 5 star facility when all of the pieces are together.
08/26/2005 @ 10:47 [ref: 4373]
 Stewart W. Bailey
 Kalamazoo, Michigan

I was the director of the MSSC for the last 7-1/2 years and can tell you that the museum is now in much better hands at the Air Zoo. In Jackson, we lacked support from our parent organization, Jackson Community College, from local foundations and from the community as a whole. With the Center's transfer to the Air Zoo, we are in the process of building it a new 40,000 sq. ft. building (3 times the size of the old dome) with theaters, classrooms, archival space and lots of interactive exhibits. In fact, the plans call for over 75 interactives versus the 10 that were in the old building. It will be a full-fledged science center based on spaceflight. It will have all of the old artifacts and exhibits, including the Mars rover, plus many new ones. (I've been busy gathering things since I left Jackson.) We'll even have space for a large changing exhibits area. Also, the artifacts are now getting the care that they always deserved. In Jackson, I was a full-time staff of one, with two part-time gift shop people, three part-time camp instructors and less than a dozen volunteers. The Air Zoo has over 250 volunteers and a paid staff of over 60. Several restoration technicians are devoted solely to restoring the space artifacts and bringing them back to their pristine original condition. In fact the Air Zoo was recently selected by the Smithsonian as one of only two other museums to do restoration work on Smithsonian space artifacts. So, in short, when the new Michigan Space & Science Center opens in late 2006 or early 2007, I'm betting you will be amazed and very pleased with the new facility. Stewart W. Bailey Deputy Director - Education The Air Zoo (Former & Future Director of the MSSC)
02/11/2005 @ 11:57 [ref: 3805]
 Chris Cowan
 Goldsboro, North Carolina

I grew up in Jackson and have fond memories of the space program. In the early ninities after I returned from overseas (military) I have taken my family there many times. My youngest enjoyed driving the Mars Rover. I know I will miss the opportunity to see the rockets outside or the capsule and other artifacts inside. To me it is a sad day for Jackson, Michigan and the Space program to have it closed down.
01/02/2005 @ 15:12 [ref: 3665]
 Tim Keenan
 Royal Oak, Michigan

If anyone has seen the new Air Zoo, you'll know that the artifacts of the Michigan Space Center will be well represented when the MSC wing of the Air Zoo opens in a couple of years. The one problem is that the Apollo 9 spacecraft has been moved to a museum in San Diego and will not be in Kalamazoo. MSC was a nice little museum, but hard to get to. Tim Keenan VP, Michigan Aviation Hall of Fame
10/13/2004 @ 13:39 [ref: 3465]
 , Michigan

I'm sad to see that this has been closed. I know it's been moved to the Kzoo air zoo, but right now everything is in storage until they figure out what to do with it. I don't think it will be the same, it was a nicely done little museum.
09/20/2004 @ 10:13 [ref: 3419]
 Bill Semion
 Canton, Michigan

The museum has closed and its exhibits have been consolidated with the air zoo in Kalamazoo.
08/12/2004 @ 21:01 [ref: 3338]
 dear born, Michigan

it was really badd! dont eva go there.
03/19/2004 @ 14:43 [ref: 3020]

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