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Address(1)Anoka County Airport
Address(2)Janes Field


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 Shannan Hendricks
 , Minnesota

Doesn't look to me like you have researched anything? What kind of family history report ties in with this aircraft?
07/02/2008 @ 13:11 [ref: 8156]
 Grand Rapids, Minnesota

I am trying to obtain information for a family history report about a plane that was sold to Polar Aviation Museum. It a T.5 XT752 Gannets at Goose Bay, July 2005. It sold by a Shannan Hendricks. We have tracked this plane this far and would to find all the history we can. If you can help please contact me via e-mail at cherylg815@yahoo.com. I thank you in advance for any information you can provide. Cheryl
08/06/2007 @ 18:11 [ref: 6214]
 Rob Portlance
 Fridley, Minnesota

This was a great display while it was open. There were many mint aircraft in an indoor hanger at the Anoka county air field. I would like to know where they were moved to! Closed approx. 1998-99
12/28/2004 @ 14:53 [ref: 3652]
 Paul Weske
 Minneapolis Anoka, Minnesota

Their is no longer a Polor Aiviation Museum in Blain.
09/18/2000 @ 21:18 [ref: 452]


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