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Address(1)4108 Airport Drive
StateNorth Carolina

Aviation History Comes Alive at the Carolinas Aviation Museum where you will see a wide variety of aircraft, plus military and aviation-oriented memorabilia.

On display is a replica of the Wright Glider, the Wright Brothers' early attempt at achieving flight. Presently under restoration is a rare P-80 Shooting Star, the first jet fighter adopted by the U. S. Air Force and which flew combat in the Korean conflict. Other Korean "veterans" now under restoration include a T-33 jet trainer, an F-84 Thunderjet and an F-86 Sabre.

From the Vietnam-era the museum has two UH-1 Iroquois "Huey" helicopters, plus a T-28 Trojan, an A-4 Skyhawk, and an A-7 Corsair II, which proudly displays its Desert Storm combat markings.

Our flying aircraft are the Piedmont DC-3, an OV-1D Mohawk and the world's largest single engine bi-plane, the Antonov An-2.

Aircraft engines of various sizes are on exhibit as well as a "hands on" jet flight simulator.

A 1944 Link Trainer, used by the military to train its pilots in World War II, has been restored to pristine condition .

The Museum collection of aircraft and artifacts improves, grows and changes as more are acquired or restored and placed on exhibit.

Much more than a collection of aircraft and aviation artifacts, the Carolinas Aviation Museum facility is also an aircraft restoration facility.

The Museum building was built in 1936 as the hangar for Charlotte's first municipally-owned airport.

Call for more information on:
Volunteer Opportunities
Aircraft Restoration Workshops
Use of CHAC's aviation reference library

Founded in 1992, the Carolinas Historic Aviation Commission (CHAC) is a nonprofit corporation. It receives no tax money, and is supported solely by membership dues, fund-raisers, the gift shop and other donations.

Aircraft on display are owned by CHAC or are on exhibit by agreement with private owners.

We welcome donations of artifacts and memorabilia for all to view and enjoy.

Membership Benefits

Membership in CHAC is open to everyone who has the common desire to preserve the past, present and future aviation history of North and South Carolina.

Membership benefits include a CHAC laminated membership card, and a subscription to the monthly newsletter CONTACT. Patron and Benefactor members also receive Certificates of Membership suitable for framing.

Monthly Meeting

CHAC members meet each month (except July and January) for dinner and a program, the time and location announced in the monthly newsletter. Guests are always welcome.

Some of our guest speakers have been Col. Bob Johnson, WWII P-47 ace; Thomas Ferebee, bombardier of The Enola Gay, Bob Morgan, pilot of the WWII B-17 bomber The Memphis Belle, Herb Long, a WWII USMC ace (Black Sheep Squadron), and many others.

Annual Trips and Tours

Tours to aviation museums, restoration facilities, military bases and other historic places are scheduled annually by CHAC for interested members and guests.

General Information

    Hours of operation
    Tuesday10:00am - 08:00pm
    Thursday10:00am - 05:00pm
    Wednesday10:00am - 05;00pm
    Saturday10:00am - 05:00pm
    Sunday01:00pm - 05:00pm
    Guided tours are available throughout the year by advance request. Special tours are available for school, scout, civic, church and retirement groups.

Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 Craig Clary
 Hemet, California

Just Recently my Family and I went to visit the Carolinas Aviation Museum in April of this year, we all had a great time, the head Curator Mr. Dean Demmery was kind enough to give us the grand tour, I will say this for the carolinas Aviation Museum, they have an impressive collection aircraft, some flyable and alot of static birds, and that's okay, a good Aviation Museum needs both to show and teach the general public the importance of Military Aviation. But unfortunately time was not on our side the day of our visit, we had to drive back to Asheville, NC before a large thunderstorm hit but I will return again some day and when I do, I am going to be a volunteer there and do some work in there Helicopter area. To the Staff and Volunteers of the Carolinas Aviation Museum, thank you all so much for your time and letting us look around, keep up the great work on those aircraft, I would recommend this Museum to any and everybody whom passes through the area of Charlotte, NC. Very Respectfully Yours Craig Clary
06/13/2007 @ 14:47 [ref: 5968]
 Jonathan Edens
 Kingsport, Tennessee

Visited the Museum in August of 2006. Very friendly folks, a couple of WW2 pilots very knowledgable and quick witted (thanks guys). They rolled the DC-3 out and fired her engines, a beautiful sight and sound. First time aboard a DC-3, was quite an experience. Thanks again, will be returning in the future.
01/09/2007 @ 13:52 [ref: 5534]
 Dean S. Demmery
 Matthews, North Carolina

As curator of this museum I have a few updates. Recently the Navy flew in an F-14D Super Tomcat to add to our collection. Earlier this year we recovered a Douglas A-26B Invader and traded one Huey for an North American F-100D Super Sabre, both awaiting restoration. Work is continuing on our Boeing CH-46 Sky Knight in which the crew chief, Raymond "Mike" Claussen was awarded the medal of honor for bravery on a rescue mission in Vietnam in January 1970. Come see us!
08/03/2006 @ 13:01 [ref: 5161]
 Shawn Dorsch
 Charlotte, North Carolina

We have a new web site Check for the latest information
08/03/2005 @ 23:45 [ref: 4306]
 Shawn A Dorsch
 Charlotte, North Carolina

The museum has embarked on a major expansion program, and will be erecting the first major new hangar (large enough for a Boeing 767) towards the end of 2005 (The hanrage is purchased and we are now working on the site plan) A new web site is under construction, and there is an active Yahoo news group -
02/10/2005 @ 00:46 [ref: 3800]
 Felix Guevara
 tamarac, Florida

i really enjoy it. i bought some tickets for a military-Type jeep. i would like to know whom was the winner.thanks drawing done at cristmass party december 13 2
01/02/2005 @ 14:37 [ref: 3664]
 Bill Ballard, D.D.S.
 Gladwin, Michigan

I would love to visit your facility. I have a particular interest in your local aviatrix, Viola Gentry, who flew in the late 1920's and early 1930's. I am currently researching early Saginaw Valley, Michigan aviation history, and her story plays a part in my research. Does anyone have any information on this fascinating early aviatrix?
06/09/2004 @ 09:45 [ref: 3196]
 Andrew Holley
 Charlotte, North Carolina

Kid’s Dream Killed By US Airways Flight Plan to Solvency His first Boy Scout Merit badge was Aviation He is a officer at North Mecklenburg’s JROTC (Air force) His Explorer Troop is 747 He has visited Virginia Tech., Georgia Tech, and Emory Riddle’s Aviation School’s. His vacations have taken him to SeaTac Aviation Museum, Kitty Hawk, Dayton Air Museum in Ohio, numerous air force bases, Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, Durham’s Air and Space museum, Storage Facility, Maryland, National Air and Space Museum in DC, Charlotte Historical Air Museum, Space Camp and NASA. He has been in the flight simulator at US Airways. He has a passion for flying and a love for his country. He is a strong propionate of the free enterprise system. A few days ago, he decided to take his ground school money and put it to work building up USAir, a major employer of his city, Charlotte. He bought 4225 shares of US Airways @ 11 cents per share. He believed that the companies plan to rebuild would be the mode of transporting his dream of soaring into reality. Today reality crashed with US Airways zeroing out of common stock. Now ground school is grounded and flight lessons are stalled. And one 16 year old is trying to understand why many groups will get stock out of restricting while he is left in US Airways wake. For further contact you may contact Andrew Holley @ 704-875-9399 Written by Kim Holley Andrew’s Mom 704-875-0013
04/02/2003 @ 15:59 [ref: 2824]
 Rob Heer
 Hanover, Virginia

I enjoyed your museum and I found a airplane who's name I don't know. It's you airplane with the signage reading All State airlines. Single engine plane. Tan color. Could you please tell me what company made this plane and what model it is? Also the appox. date of the airline.I took lots of pictures of the plane and wish to make a RC model of it. To me it looks somewhat like a piper cherokee. Thank you for your time , Rob Heer
02/27/2002 @ 12:57 [ref: 1909]
 James Armstrong
 Prestatyn, North Carolina

A very friendly and interesting place to visit, something that I did on a recent trip across the \"pond\". It was a great surprise and co-incidence to find a model DC-3 in Piedmont livery when I changed planes in Washington Dulles airport upon my return to the UK More so, as the model bears the registration N44V. An example of this now resides on top of my computer as a permanent reminder of my visit
01/30/2002 @ 07:54 [ref: 1830]

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