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 , Colorado

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11/30/2012 @ 19:55 [ref: 55374]
 Charlotte, North Carolina

The DC-3 is no longer at the Museum. It was given to the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer NC (off I-85). The DC-3 is not on display and is in storage awaiting a new building they are preparing. I was given a tour and it needs a lot of work. This is the only DC-3 remaining which was actually used in revenue service by Piedmont Airlines. Has 50% of orig interior but needs work. Cockpit 100% gutted.
02/10/2005 @ 01:02 [ref: 3801]
 Durham, North Carolina

If you are an aviation anthusiast, unless you want to see an old DC-3 from a distance, its not worth the trip. If you are into space craft, there a few rare examples inside. No recommended for researchers.
04/15/2004 @ 18:40 [ref: 3070]
 Andrew Holley
 , North Carolina

Kid’s Dream Killed By US Airways Flight Plan to Solvency His first Boy Scout Merit badge was Aviation He is a officer at North Mecklenburg’s JROTC (Air force) His Explorer Troop is 747 He has visited Virginia Tech., Georgia Tech, and Emory Riddle’s Aviation School’s. His vacations have taken him to SeaTac Aviation Museum, Kitty Hawk, Dayton Air Museum in Ohio, numerous air force bases, Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, Durham’s Air and Space museum, Storage Facility, Maryland, National Air and Space Museum in DC, Charlotte Historical Air Museum, Space Camp and NASA. He has been in the flight simulator at US Airways. He has a passion for flying and a love for his country. He is a strong propionate of the free enterprise system. A few days ago, he decided to take his ground school money and put it to work building up USAir, a major employer of his city, Charlotte. He bought 4225 shares of US Airways @ 11 cents per share. He believed that the companies plan to rebuild would be the mode of transporting his dream of soaring into reality. Today reality crashed with US Airways zeroing out of common stock. Now ground school is grounded and flight lessons are stalled. And one 16 year old is trying to understand why many groups will get stock out of restricting while he is left in US Airways wake. For further contact you may contact Andrew Holley Written by Kim Holley Andrew’s Mom
04/02/2003 @ 16:01 [ref: 2825]
 , Maryland

Great Museum for kids. My 4 year old loved it, and even I enjoyed trying some of the hands-on exhibits (trying to dock the shuttle to the satelite is fun!). If you go plan on spending lots of time there - we had an hour and a half and it wasn't enough.
04/29/2002 @ 15:29 [ref: 2080]
 Robert Toth
 Salisbury, North Carolina

Thought you may be interested in the work I do. See site Go to The Masters to see The Wright Brothers and others. Thank you for comments. Robert
07/11/2001 @ 05:41 [ref: 1275]

I liked this placed, when I visited with my kids. The exhibitions stimulated my kids, and they never wanted to leave the place.
03/03/2001 @ 06:18 [ref: 904]

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