Wright Brothers National Memorial

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StateNorth Carolina


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 kevin mckean
 , Ontario

Best place ive ever visited
04/26/2008 @ 12:11 [ref: 7422]
 , North Carolina

12/12/2006 @ 10:45 [ref: 5489]
 Chris Holley
 , North Carolina

10/20/2006 @ 07:01 [ref: 5353]
 Jonathan Hayes
 Hermitage, Tennessee

This truly is sacred ground. The park rangers are always friendly. There are also some great perks, as well. Once you have paid admission, your receipt is good for an entire week! You can return as many times as you like (just show your receipt at the gate). Also, there is a a small parking area adjacent to their airstrip. After the museum and gates have closed, you can park here, and still have access to walk the grounds, and climb up the hill. I loved it!
07/12/2005 @ 16:18 [ref: 4240]
 Kim Holley
 , North Carolina

Why visit with you family...it shows the possibilities, it ignights the dream. My oldest son, Andrew, visited as a young child. He raced across the dunes pretending to fly. We got a kite and he sored. I'm sure we have missed at least one air musuem in this nation...but none that sparked the dream as much as racing on the dunes. Today, Delta State University is giving flight to his dreams. Taking your young child may put wings put wings in their future.
11/14/2004 @ 07:30 [ref: 3571]
 Scott Shea
 Londonderry, New Hampshire

Here is a tip for free parking: Park at the airport! The centennial of Flight festivites was great! This place NEEDS a real museum full of aircraft. KFFA is a nice field to land at. There are three (3) Wright flyers here. Nice piece of history preserved!
10/15/2004 @ 20:10 [ref: 3483]
 Andrew Holley
 , North Carolina

Kid’s Dream Killed By US Airways Flight Plan to Solvency His first Boy Scout Merit badge was Aviation He is a officer at North Mecklenburg’s JROTC (Air force) His Explorer Troop is 747 He has visited Virginia Tech., Georgia Tech, and Emory Riddle’s Aviation School’s. His vacations have taken him to SeaTac Aviation Museum, Kitty Hawk, Dayton Air Museum in Ohio, numerous air force bases, Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, Durham’s Air and Space museum, Storage Facility, Maryland, National Air and Space Museum in DC, Charlotte Historical Air Museum, Space Camp and NASA. He has been in the flight simulator at US Airways. He has a passion for flying and a love for his country. He is a strong propionate of the free enterprise system. A few days ago, he decided to take his ground school money and put it to work building up USAir, a major employer of his city, Charlotte. He bought 4225 shares of US Airways @ 11 cents per share. He believed that the companies plan to rebuild would be the mode of transporting his dream of soaring into reality. Today reality crashed with US Airways zeroing out of common stock. Now ground school is grounded and flight lessons are stalled. And one 16 year old is trying to understand why many groups will get stock out of restricting while he is left in US Airways wake. For further contact you may contact Andrew Holley Amholley@bellsouth.net Written by Kim Holley Andrew’s Mom
04/02/2003 @ 16:02 [ref: 2826]
 Linda Conner
 seaford, Delaware

I am disappointed that we were charged full entry price when the museum is down for repairs. The only indoor facilities that were open were two trailers. One was the gift shop, the other had a very small sampling of the original exhibits. I'm sure that the new building will be wonderful when finished for the centennial celebration, but until then, I'd stay away!
11/02/2002 @ 18:04 [ref: 2633]
 Michael Baldock
 Guildford, England, Northwest Territories & Nunavut

You either understand this place or you don't it's as simple as that. Everything we love about aviation started here. As Yuji says, you can feel the wind. Stand there and close your eyes and go back 98 years and imagine.....
04/02/2001 @ 07:03 [ref: 996]

I felt the wind which I think wright brothers felt. I felt why they choose this place for their meorial and break-through first flight for human.
03/03/2001 @ 06:16 [ref: 903]


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