Millville Amry Air Field Museum

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Attack - 'A' 1962-Present
 Douglas A-4F (Skyhawk) Serial No: 154200  


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 charles j. lovett
 port republic n. j., New Jersey

i was born 6- 12 -1926 at atlantic city n.j. on dec. 7 1941 i was 15 years old and by 1942 the military aircraft began flying aroud are area a see the aircraft and hear the engines is something i will never forget.i saw a lot of p47 p40 and navy wildcats flying keep the history about the p47 is great.the jug is one of my favorate aircraft.when i became 17 on june 12 1943 i left atl city high to join the us navy.served on the uss mc nulty de581 for over 2 vears.we had a war cruise over 100,ooo miles.after the war was over i took up flying lessons at bader field in a j3 cub. have flown several differant aircraft and have landed at millville so many times visited the museum and had lunch.milville was my favorate airport to land at.i could go on and on , thank you all for keeping the museum and the p47 alive.
05/13/2007 @ 19:40 [ref: 5921]
 YES, New York

02/26/2007 @ 11:31 [ref: 5657]
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02/26/2007 @ 11:30 [ref: 5656]
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02/26/2007 @ 11:30 [ref: 5655]
 johnathan paul grant
 plymouth, British Columbia

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11/25/2002 @ 07:49 [ref: 2711]
 Millville, New Jersey

Great museum, newly expanded. America's First Defense Airport - 1941-1945. Visit
07/19/2002 @ 01:05 [ref: 2288]
 mike Montgomery
 , Connecticut

10/17/2001 @ 12:50 [ref: 1514]
 Walt. Bauer
 Cedar Park, Texas

Been to museum many times and its great to visit a P-47 training base that has been kept up to original standards. Have met and spoke with "Gabby" Gabroski several times. He was one of the P-47 aces, shame they cant get all flying "Jugs" at their airshow Would be a great sight to see.
05/22/2001 @ 13:33 [ref: 1127]
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