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 cairo, Alabama

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11/11/2011 @ 02:32 [ref: 27140]
 Jack Northart
 , Colorado

My heartfelt thanks to all of the guys and gals that helped make the museum a reality. There is now some info on Wikipedia about NARM. If anyone would like further information, please feel free to post a notice or email me.
05/20/2010 @ 13:58 [ref: 9363]
 Reno, Nevada 89512, Nevada

Hi Chris, I was able to get into your site. You have done a great job a lot of good information and pictures. Thanks, Greg Tremblay
09/07/2004 @ 04:21 [ref: 3391]
 Greg Tremblay
 Reno, Nevada

Hello Chris, I wanted to know what happened with the Museum, it was in Sparks, Nevada? I remember driving by the area looking for the Museum, did you have the German Aircraft? I'm interested in knowing about your experiences with the city of Sparks, i.e., did they help you at all, etc. If you have a moment please email me, I would like to know what happened with your venture in Sparks... My reaserch is on the following: I'm writing a grant for a local Museum close to your area and I wanted to know how you were treated as a new museum,did the state or city help you with any exspences- any personal observations you had in the area- how you were treated- and your future plans if any-etc. Thanks alot for your help- Greg Tremblay
09/07/2004 @ 04:09 [ref: 3390]
 Chris Loomis
 Reno, Nevada

This museum no longer exist
07/09/2000 @ 10:30 [ref: 291]

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