Frederick C. Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum

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 Bruce E. McEwen
 Medina, Ohio

The Crawford Auto and Aviation Museum is a wonderful auto museum with an extensive collection. The aircraft on display are limited to a few early planes, gliders and a lone P-51. To compare this museum to the Air Force Museum on an aviation website where people are interested in planes is a huge mistake. The planes in the Crawford Museum would fit quite comfortably in the lobby of the Air Force Museum in Dayton, while the Air Force Museum has four immense hangars with planes from the beginning of flight to the space program sitting on the ground and hung from the ceiling, esentially doubling the display space. Airforce Museum rating is a 100 while the Crawford is a one. The Crawford Museum would rate a 100 on their automobile display and is cetainly worth the trip. The whole family can enjoy the additional exhibits which occupy several early Cleveland mansions and their genealogy library is excellent. I am a member of the Crawford Museum and have visited many times. I have also visited the Air Force Museum in Dayton five times, twice in the past year.
03/02/2008 @ 15:30 [ref: 6865]
 Sunrise, Florida

I am very familiar with this type of aircraft and have worked on this type since I was a kid. I know there is a few 500's still around and if you are interested in my information please e-mail me back.
01/09/2001 @ 22:47 [ref: 732]
 Tom Cleveland
 , Illinois

I am looking for an aircraft my father flew. It is a Lockheed Howard 500. I was told it was at a museum in Ohio, but I can't find it. Do you have it or did you ever hear of this aircraft? Please email me back if you have any information on this aircraft. Thank you for your help.
08/07/2000 @ 15:35 [ref: 358]

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