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 Arlin Hill
 Newark, Ohio

Whatever happened to the Gemini capsule that was at the airport museum?
03/21/2016 @ 12:21 [ref: 55903]
 Charlie Pyles
 Cincinnati, Ohio

Since the Ohio Hstory of Flight is no longer around, I'd like those of you who visit here to know that I have enpough Ohio historical artifacts to start a museum down at Cincinnati Lunken Airport. There is no benefactor, but all of us who love it can help save more. We started with the Ohio History of Flight Smith Termite and now we have a Vari-viggen which is one of only 20 ever completed, A Hovey Whing Ding II and a Stinson SR-10C Reliant which is one of the only known All American Airways Gullwings to survive. We have a full scale replica of the 103 Wright Flyer in the wings waiting for us to find a place to display it. Visit our web site at www.cahslunken.org to learn more or come to historic Lunken Airport to see us. Members are needed and volunteers in the Cincinnati are needed.
10/06/2014 @ 14:23 [ref: 55666]
 Chris Bryant
 Pickerington, Ohio

The Caravelle is still sitting there. I just saw it on Saturday (6/8/13) driving in the back entrance to Port Columbus (KCMH).
06/10/2013 @ 04:53 [ref: 55477]
 William Brown
 , Florida

Does anyone know what happened to the Caravelle that was located at this museum? Visited there during the 80's and it was across the street from the museum building at that time. Thanks!
03/29/2013 @ 05:08 [ref: 55451]
 Jeff Wheeler
 Steubenville, Ohio

What a shame, this museum is permanently closed
12/08/2011 @ 06:36 [ref: 29385]
 Charlie Pyles
 Cincinnati,, Ohio

Most of the artifacts from the Ohio History of Flight Museum are in the custody of the Ohio Historical Society. The Smith Termite airplane is now at the Cincinnati Aviation Heritage Society Museum located at Historic Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport. We need an Aeronca E-113C engine to mount on it for display (the engine does not have to be operational). If you'd like to support General Aviation and Airline History in Ohio, we'd appreciate your support. E-mail us at the link in this message.
12/05/2010 @ 20:05 [ref: 11842]
 C. A. Tosi
 Columbus, Ohio

This museum no longer exists.
11/12/2010 @ 04:31 [ref: 11782]
 LaRoux Gillespie
 Kasnas City, Missouri

My dad, J.G. "Jinx" Gillespie worked at the Culver plant in the other half of Lane Aviation's building in 1939 or thereabouts. Pop became one of Bill Sweet's airshow parachute jumpers and wing walkers. In a 1954 note Mom said he worked for Dave Binns at one time. Is there a biography of Dave Binns? I am writing Pop's biography.
08/07/2010 @ 11:31 [ref: 10392]
 Doug Smith
 Vienna, West Virginia

In approx. 1984 I donated a Ultraflight Mirage Ultralight to the History of Flight Museum. I wonder what has became of this aircraft? I understand that we are not talking of alot of $ only about 10K but I never even received as much as a thank you, and I would like to see if any good came from this donation. If anyone has any imformation of the history of this aircraft, please email me, as all I have is a few pictures. Thanks, Doug Smith cessnaskyhawk1@hotmail.com
03/02/2009 @ 15:05 [ref: 8711]
 Charlie Pyles
 Cold Spring, Kentucky

Parties interested in the artifacts in storage from the Ohio History of Flight Museum may contact Charlie Pyles at 859-442-7334.
06/30/2008 @ 10:12 [ref: 8146]

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