Walter A. Soplata Aviation Collection

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 Robert Studer
 Willoughby Hills, Ohio

I've heard quite a bit about the collection. This 'gentleman' had spent much of his money collecting those bits, pieces, and complete planes from all over so that they would'nt end up in a junkyard! One of his planes, a B-25, I think, was purchased and completely restored into flying condition. What is junk to one person is a treasure to another! Every person is entitled to his or her opinion. Name calling by a very few of the posters to this website is for children, not grown adults! I hope you two return to this site to see this comment.
09/18/2013 @ 04:28 [ref: 55525]
 gavin suttner
 kiel wi, Wisconsin

i love wwii warbirds screw u who say these planes are junk these are $1000000 planes see the p-40 p-51 B-36 and the extremely rare f-82 and 2 corairs 1 has folding wings im going here someday with out dought
03/28/2012 @ 13:24 [ref: 34723]
 Brooke Suttner
 , Wisconsin

My brother really likes old warbirds.
12/18/2011 @ 07:13 [ref: 30215]
 Gavin Suttner
 Kiel, Wisconsin

I love the planes!Do you know how rare the F-82 is? For all of you that dont like it, something is wrong with you. What isn't cool? yeah sure there in bad condition but they're not junk.And sure some aren't complete but that is cool.I would love to go their!
10/28/2011 @ 10:39 [ref: 25760]
 Mike Woosley
 Camp Speicher, IRAQ, Kentucky

Austin Stephens is a punk, I guess, I don't even know the guy.....
02/05/2010 @ 17:59 [ref: 9253]
 Salt lake City, Utah

The phone number listed on top doesn't seem to work, is there another method of contact for the Walter A. Soplata Aviation Collection? I would like to know if he still has his Douglas B-26.
11/18/2009 @ 14:06 [ref: 9170]
 , California

Mike Woosley A punk?? You totally suck dude..
09/02/2008 @ 08:31 [ref: 8401]
 Nathan W
 , Georgia

I Googled this collection and was astonished at the Extremely poor condition of these planes! Half of these are in peices and are nearly Unidentifiable, and the other half are either in recognizable chuncks, are fusalages, or are in such poor condition that the whole place LOOKES LIKE A JUNKYARD!!!!! It deserves worse than this rating
05/21/2008 @ 12:52 [ref: 7807]
 David Jones
 Twinsburg, Ohio

I know Walter, a very nice man who along with his wife and son collected and stored "some what improperly maybe" some planes that are found no other place in the world. Yes most may look like just junk but he has them! He has tryed to do what he could to save the planes. Only to be taken to the cleaners so to speek by nearly everyone he has attempted to partner with.
03/27/2008 @ 05:05 [ref: 7241]
 William J. Doody
 Potomac, Maryland

I was the last Navy pilot to fly the F7U-3 Cutlass 129685 currently in the Walter A. Soplata collection of aircraft.I flew it from our Squadron VA - 12 at NAS Cecil Field, Florida on May 9th 1957. I flew it to NAS South Weymouth Massachusetts.It stayed at that field as a display until purchased by Mr. Spolata.After the Cutlass our squadron then transitioned to the A4D Skyhawk. The Cutlass was fun airplane to fly, but a maintenance disaster.I should also add that I ejected from a Cutlass as well.
12/26/2007 @ 17:37 [ref: 6628]

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