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 I like airplane noise
 , Georgia

I spent a lot of summers in OKC as a kid, and remember when they put the bombers on pylons at the fairgrounds, and how impressive they always looked. In 2008 or so, when I was back for the first time in decades, I was driving down the freeway and looked over at the fairgrounds for the huge tail of the B-52, rising above the treetops that you could never miss, and couldn't believe the bombers were gone. A local told me that the Fairgrounds management threatened to bulldoze and scrap them if someone didn't come remove them immediately, like they were garbage. Maybe that's just hearsay, but like another comment said - "if it’s not a cow or a horse.” It's really sad that the Fairground management could lose respect for what these meant to OKC history and the importance of Tinker AFB to the community. I understand how the commenter here who had seen the planes as a child with his father felt, when he returned with his own children, and the planes were gone. Well, at least now they’ve found new homes where they will be treasured by new generations, and can be a positive influence again, like they were for me, and so many others. I like to think that they’re part of the reason that I went on to become a pilot, and after almost 40 years of flying will be retiring soon. A Sentimental Journey. Cheers
11/23/2014 @ 17:12 [ref: 55707]
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 , Delaware

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11/30/2012 @ 19:54 [ref: 55373]
 Sean Shenold
 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Now torn down to make room for more 'useful' commercial space. Used to have a B-52, a B-47, a C-47, and a very early Twin Commander, all airplanes of local significance (the bombers were and are maintained at Tinker AFB, thousands of C-47s were built at what would become Tinker AFB during WWII, and the Commander-series aircraft were built at Tulakes (later Wiley Post) Airport. No aicraft are currently on display there anymore. Nearby can be found the remains of a Titan ICBM, with only the first stage remaining, and a Hound Dog cruise missile in a sad state of disrepair. Not even worth a look; there's nothing here you'd want to see. Tinker AFB, on the east side of OKC, has a very nice and well-maintained set of static display aircraft, however.
05/12/2012 @ 06:12 [ref: 42774]
 Kevin .T.
 Midwest city, Oklahoma

Just thought someone would like these pics I found of B-52F 57-0038 bein trucked in and put up at the OKC fairgrounds. http://www.tinker.af.mil/photos/mediagallery.asp?galleryID=8273
10/30/2011 @ 06:35 [ref: 25789]
 Dave Ruehl
 Sanford, Florida

The B-52 is a B, I seem to remember. It use to sit out back of the OCAMMA building and had test-drop markings on the nose. The B-47 was a weather bird that I use to see sitting on the ramp. This was in 1971. I think the C-47 was from Kerr-Megee Oil Co. and the Rockwell plane was built out at Wiley Post and, I think, was the first Aero Commander built. Don't hold me to that one.
07/19/2010 @ 12:19 [ref: 9897]
 Steve Hartsell
 Midwest CIty, Oklahoma

I remember going out to the fair and using them for shade or for rain protection. If you are in the area you could just venture further down I-40 to Tinker AFB. They have un-enclosed the display of aircraft they have which includes 3/4 the aircraft discussed and more. With the request at Tinker to see the air craft they have opened the park to the public so you dont need to go inside the base to see the air craft.
07/17/2010 @ 21:28 [ref: 9863]
 Jim W.
 , Oklahoma

Just another example of the "leadership" shown by the State Fair Board of Oklahoma. The state fair in days past reflected Oklahoma as a whole and aviation has been a large part of our history. Now the fair is nothing but a joke of it's former self. The prevailing attitude here is, if it needs paint then just bulldoze it and erect something big and cheap in it's place. If it doesn't have something to do with a cow or a horse you won't see it at the fair. sigh.. morons. P.S. I don't go anymore.
10/10/2008 @ 19:59 [ref: 8467]
 Norman, Oklahoma

I was in OKC today and my son asked if we could stop off at the Fair Grounds to look at the airplanes. I was born in 1970 and grew up making regular trips to the Fair Grounds to look at the planes with my dad. When I moved back to Oklahoma 3 years ago from San Francisco, I took my kids to the see the planes that my dad used to take me to see. My father passed away before my first child was born, so my kids only know stories about my dad. The airplanes were something special that I could pass on to them from their Grandpa Mike. Today, as we pulled up to the spot where the planes used to be, I was devastated to discover that they were gone. Thank you to those of you that have provided some of the amazing history behind the planes and thank you for telling where the planes have ended up. I know they were becoming weathered and deteriorating, but I will certainly miss them.
03/27/2008 @ 17:16 [ref: 7249]
 oklahoma city, Oklahoma

Well, at least they didn't tear them to peices and throw them away. I miss those planes out at the fair gournds. It hurts and I feel sad. I wish things were diffrent. I love you guys, I hope nothing else happens like this. Lets get together and have a gathering. Bring some potato salid and punch and talk about things of historical value and what we can do to protect them. Who's going to look after this stuff. I'll help anyway I can guys.
03/26/2008 @ 16:50 [ref: 7239]
 Robert West
 Palmdale,, California

Just thought you all might be interested in knowing the B-52 has arrived in California is at present awaiting restoration in the Joe Davies Heritage Air Park. Does any one know anything about the AGM-28 Hound Dog Missile that was there? We also have it and are trying to ascertain the true serial number of it.
08/24/2007 @ 08:40 [ref: 6244]


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