Tennessee ANG - 134th ARG, Knoxville

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Fighter - 'F' 1948-Present
 Lockheed F-104C (Starfighter) Serial No: 56-890 


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 Del \"Abe\" Jones
 White Bluff, Tennessee

"OFF WE GO" Really Borne at Kitty Hawk In the year nineteen-0-three When Orville rose above the Earth And since, Manís soared high and free. Rickenbacker, General Mitchell And Doolittle, (just a few) Famous, on those early flights When the "Air Corps" was new. An Army branch through World Wars With planes like "Enola Gay" That changed our World forever On that fateful, August day. In Nineteen and forty-seven President Truman decreed The "Department of the Air Force" To fill a very special need. The "Berlin Airlift" fed a People Caught up in the "Cold War" With a quarter million flights (And then, several thousand more.) And there was "The Candyman" With the sweets dropped with the Ďchutes The kids thought him a Hero (Thatís a title he refutes.) Then, we shot off into the "Space Age" With the jets and the "X" planes We put Man upon the Moon And robots on Martian terrains. We went "into the wild blue yonder" But, it wasnít without cost To more than fifty-six thousand Families Whose, loved oneís lives were lost. "Aloft in solitudes of space, Uphold them with Thy saving grace. O God, protect the men who fly Thru lonely ways beneath the sky." (this last verse from the Air Force Hymn) Del "Abe" Jones
09/22/2008 @ 09:26 [ref: 8424]
 Jason Miller
 , Tennessee

Mr. Webster, if you still need some patches contact me at (865)985-4250. I think I can help sir.
01/27/2008 @ 17:30 [ref: 6713]
 Daniel C. Webster
 Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

Hello, I served with the 134th ABRON way back in the late 1950\\\'s while I attened UT. I was the unit photographer. I am a retired Army E-7, now 73 years old amd trying to get together all the many military unit decals in which I served for my grand children. I am missing a decal/unit patch for this unit. Is there any way you can assist me? Please contact me even if you cannot. Thanks, Daniel. PS: If you want to have fun, read my book, The Pucker Factor, One Noncombatants Vietmam Memoir. It can be obtained from AOL. Have a great day.
03/16/2006 @ 16:38 [ref: 4887]
 Roy D. Simmons
 Modesto, California

Hello, My name is Roy D. Simmons and im a Volneteer at Castle Air Museam in Atwatwr California and I am the Crew Cheif of are KC-97L Stratofrighter. This aircraft s/n 53-354 was with the 134th Air Refueling Group (Air National Guard) out of Knoxville TN and if anybody happends to have COLOR photos of this bird when it was in service from 21 Apr 1964 thru 6 Jun 1965 i shure would like to see them because I would like to put this gran old bird back to the original colors it was in before being transfered to ARMARC at Davis-Monthan AFB in AZ. So please if anyone has such photos or storys of my bird please send an E-Mail to me or to elite.net/castle-air it shure would make my day and the day of everybody that comes to are Air Museam. Thanks Roy D. Simmons C/C of the KC-97L
11/04/2001 @ 12:44 [ref: 1583]

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