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 Edward/Becky Spalding
 Louisville, Kentucky

Harold Renninger, Macdill AFB, Space-A rats.
08/20/2013 @ 02:58 [ref: 55508]
 Jim Geldert
 Penngrove, California

Follow-up to last comment: I forgot to mention that stenciled markings on left side just below front cockpit windshield says "Uvalde Texas /PT-19A / Serial No. 42-33767". Jim Geldert Penngrove, CA
07/18/2007 @ 07:40 [ref: 6109]
 Jim Geldert
 Penngrove, California

Hello- I am an aviation collector, and have a 8x10 photo of a PT-19A trainer with four military officers standing along side the aircraft. Appears to be WW-2 period. I'd like to donate to your museum if you are interested. Jim Geldert Penngrove, CA
07/18/2007 @ 07:31 [ref: 6108]
 Arthur E Richards MSgt USAF ret
 Uncasville, Connecticut

is the B-26 a Marauder or an Intruder? We are restoring an Invader and lack Tech Pubs- need help on the Entrance ladder assembly ours is is a "C" but hard nosed to a "D" any input would be helpful- we are at the NEAM in Connecticut. Stop on by!!!!
12/01/2006 @ 12:22 [ref: 5458]
 Joe Salina
 , Mississippi

I was on vacation in south central Texas this week and passed through Hitchcock, Texas on Rt. 2004 and saw the remains of the old air ship service. Do you have any info about this or can you tell me where I can find any on line. Thanking you in advance for any assistance. Joe
05/04/2002 @ 06:33 [ref: 2092]
 Harold Renninger
 Granbury, Texas

This museum has moved to Garner field in Uvalde and is in the process improving the exhibts. There are several home builts. A disasembled Martin B-26, Stearman, old observation aircraft. Also on the field are a flying, T-33, T-28C and a WACO. There are many artifacts from the world war ll days when Garner field was a AAF training base. All in all very interesting Thanks to the volunteers working to improve this museum.
11/30/2000 @ 14:21 [ref: 634]

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