NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center

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 Robert Cogburn
 La Porte, Texas

As a former employee (government contractor) at Johnson Space Center I can say that it's not what it used to be out there. It all changed back in the early 90's . It used to be you could take a self guided tour and it didn't cost anything. Now you have to pay and go on a somewhat boring Tram Tour of the site. I guess Space Center Houston is fun for the kids but bring some $$ and some patience. R.C.
02/20/2006 @ 06:21 [ref: 4815]
 You don\\\'t need to know my name.
 , Pennsylvania

I have been looking through this site, and I really cannon believe how many people are complaining about the lake of information. There are only very few sections with no info. and there are hundreds and hundreds of sections flooding with it. If you want to complain about lake of info. before you do, check out the rest of the site, and then when you have finished complaining, don't end with a snotty line like "Thank you for your time" unless you mean it. You must have a real hard time reading the site anyway with your head so far up your ass.
07/01/2005 @ 15:20 [ref: 4192]
 angelica vazquez
 , Iowa

04/12/2005 @ 14:51 [ref: 3975]
 , Alabama

I've visited the L.B.J. space museum, and it was an enjoyable visit, though I found the presentations and shows at a rather low intelligence level. I'm also used to air & space museums that don't cost anything to visit. My favorite museums are the National Air & Space Museum, and the USAF museum in Dayton, Ohio. They both leave the L.B.J. museum behind in their dust.
01/15/2005 @ 18:44 [ref: 3704]
 Diane Crandall
 Vidor, Texas

I have had the hardest time finding your site and now that i have I am disappointed because you do not have your museum prices or times and days that you are open. We were looking to have a field trip for a small private school but since I can't get the info I wanted I plan on other activities. Thank you for your time.
07/28/2003 @ 17:14 [ref: 2918]


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