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04/17/2012 @ 02:51 [ref: 36023]
 , Texas

Why did it close? If money was an issue then why have a fund raiser and let the media know? It could be saved. I went there at least half a dozen times when I was a kid in the 70's and early 80's. I really hat to see it go.....
01/04/2011 @ 06:05 [ref: 12092]
 Ron Johnson
 Balch Springs, Texas

I had the good fortune of visiting the Pate Museum a few weeks before it closed. It was very interesting to say the least.Hate to see it go. It was a great place for our present generation to see a glimpse of the past. Anyway, being a 3d photographer I took quite a few 3d photos of the place. So it will sort of live on at least in 3d.Go to my website for a look. You will need reb/blue 3d glasses to view.www.texas3dphotography
11/22/2010 @ 05:44 [ref: 11816]
 Ft Worth, Texas

I miss this place, but did enjoy taking my son there before it closed. He really had a good time - I think he'll remember it for many years to come!
11/13/2010 @ 01:57 [ref: 11790]

Sharon , I so sorry to hear that it is closing. I spent a many a summer there as a kid. My Uncle "Hass" ran it. So i got play in some the airplanes and cars. Went to grand opening in 73 or the frist swap meet. I even met your brother a few times there. I regret that i never had a chance to take my daughter there. Anyway thank you and you dad for the time i spent there. thanks, Dave witt
10/06/2010 @ 22:22 [ref: 11181]
 , Texas

I am sorry to hear that the Pate Museum has closed. I spent a few weekends there when I was in grade school. My Camp Fire group spent the weekend in the Pullman Ellsmere. The car was very elegant all rooms were paneled in different wood. We all had a blast.
07/17/2010 @ 11:40 [ref: 9861]
 Sky Howard
 Bedford, Texas

I went to the Pate Museum twice. It was very imformative and interesting. Although I wish my late father could have went. He was a aviation and automobile man. He jumped out of the "Flying Boxcar I think in Korea. He is greatly missed and so will the museum. What will happen to the other items that weren't auctioned off?
07/11/2010 @ 17:30 [ref: 9662]
 Cleburne, Texas

Before the auction of the vast auto collection at the former Pate Museum of Transportation, I took a look at the photos online of the automobiles to be sold. I also read the articles and the comments on this blogg; I believe that I was too critical of the family at the time. As one who volunteers with a community group that involves youth and saving lives, I understand how money and community involvement make or break organizations. Still everyone is responsible for the loss of this great museum and yet it lives on in hearts and in the many collections where they reside now. I wonder what has happened to Mr. Peters. He is a very animated and creative individual; somewhere there is a place for him to shine.
06/17/2010 @ 16:31 [ref: 9472]
 McKinney, Texas

Greetings all, In regards to the closing of the Pate Museum. It was just a matter of time. I arrived here in Texas in 1988 after 6 years of military aviation to attend A&P school at Love Field. Let me give you an outsiders view. Dallas and Ft. Worth, headquaters to the worlds most successful airline (Southwest), headquaters to one of the worlds largest airline (American), you have the world largest and most successful helicopter manufacturer (Bell), you have a manufacturer of the most advanced combat aircraft in the world (Lockheed), a large manufacturer and sub-contractor (Vought) and lets not forget a bunch of Navy/Marine Corps, and Air Force bases flying a host of aircraft. But we lack a world, large, half decent, etc, etc, aircraft museum. But when I first got here I was told to check out the "GD junkyard" which I found out was the Greater Southwest Aerospace Museum. From 1992 to 1994, I was a volunteer on the B-36 restortion team, which the Fort Worth Aviation Heritage Association(FWAHA)end up losing do to lack of funds. I was a volunteer at the Frontiers of Flight Museum (Love Field) in the "display cases only" days. The museum finally got off the ground in the mid 90's but look on the board of directors the list includeds a Texas senator and congressman, an astronaut, an airline CEO, etc. The CR Smith Museum located just south of D/FW airport, is sponser by the company and according to the hugh plagues Boeing, Airbus, General Electric, etc. In a nutshell, due to the location and lack of really big and powerful names, I'm surprised it lasted this long.
05/14/2010 @ 20:19 [ref: 9355]
 Michael Orenstein
 Beverly Hills,, California

I just learned that the Museum is closing and that you are auctioning off your collection of autos. I was wondering about your interest in auctioning your Space Memorabilia collection also. I have been holding internationally recognized auctions of space memorabilia twice a year since the early 1990s. I will be in Houston to hold a Space Memorabilia Appraisal Clinic in May and wondered if you would want me to make a detour on the trip to get together to discuss your space collection. In the meantime, I am holding our April Space Memorabilia Auction in a week (Saturday, April 17th). I can send you a glossy printed catalog or you can see the catalog on our web site ( We are a major coin and collectibles firm and have been in business for over 60 years. We have a company brochure that I can send you also if you wish. Regards...Michael Orenstein, Director, Space Memorabilia PS. By way of reference, some years ago I successfully auctioned part of the Douglas Air and Space Museum in Santa Monica, CA.
04/10/2010 @ 13:03 [ref: 9324]

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