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Address(1)505 NW 38th St Hangar 33S
CityFt. Worth

Exhibits - By Primary role
Bomber - 'B' 1924-Present
 Boeing B-17G (Flying Fortress) Serial No: 44-8543  
Primary Trainer - 'PT' 1925-1947
 Stearman PT-17 (Kaydet) Serial No: Unknown  


Reviews / Comments by our visitors
 , Texas

it was agreat museum u can get inside a b17 and touch all 20 planes f-5 from top gun,f14 f86 and more
04/10/2008 @ 15:21 [ref: 7292]
 danny rawls
 ft worth, Texas

I had the chance to fly on this B17 in the early 80s when the crew took it to Harlingen. I remember passing over Austin and seeing the Capitol building through the bombsight! On the trip back to Meacham the weather set in on us and forced an overnight stay in Rockport TX after a try at climbing over the thunderstorms proved impossible. My most prized photo is a snapshot of my twins standing by the main gear under the wing when they were 4 years old. I live close to Meacham now and every time I hear those round motors going overhead it gives me a thrill and some very great memories. Keep it flying!
02/04/2008 @ 15:38 [ref: 6735]
 Zane Adams
 Arlington, Texas

Sean is mistaken...a lot of the aircraft in this museum do fly. Great small working museum.
05/23/2007 @ 09:44 [ref: 5934]
 Sean Lewis
 North Richland Hills, Texas

The Aircraft here are great,even though they do not fly.It was so cool that I have been there twice already.
06/29/2006 @ 16:30 [ref: 5098]
 Griff Murphey
 Fort Worth, Texas

Drove up to the flight line today with my Australian visitor Tim Vickridge from Perth to see his first B-17. Chuckie was pulled out with the starter cart hooked up and being preflighted. Well we got to see her fly! Huge clouds of smoke as those great big radials each started; great takeoff using very little runway! Beech C-45 in Navy colors also flew, and a visiting pristine B-25, Pacific Prowler, was there. Total audience for this private airshow maybe under a dozen people. A woman ex-P-3 Orion ASW officer gave us a great tour and really did know some things I didn't. Don't take it for granted; this museum is WORTH VISITING, Call ahead, find out when they FLY!! It is not big but what they do have is worth a look. We have done the hanger dance several times and that is a blast...
01/15/2006 @ 04:26 [ref: 4710]
 Jay Scates
 Midwest City, Oklahoma

Visited the museum today and what a spectacular visit it was. Only wished I was there Thursday to see "Chuckie" fly! This is one museum aviation buffs should not miss!!
12/04/2005 @ 22:50 [ref: 4648]
 Raleigh, North Carolina

John Bergmann~~~same John Bergmann that went to Nav School At Mather AFB, Calif?
08/31/2005 @ 17:11 [ref: 4391]
 , Texas

I don't know who this 'John' is who is hiding behind no last name and wrote a negative comment on 6/05 about our B-17 and museum, but he is certainly misinformed and not very observant. We had 2 flights in May; and our maintenance is among the best in the warbird community.
07/14/2005 @ 20:42 [ref: 4252]
 Fort Worth, Texas

This aircraft has been in the same stage for years now, horrible! Are you ever going to make this aircraft into a working example of what was flown and widely used in WWII? There are so many museums that would love to have a B-17 and actually would put the money and effort into it that it deserves. Your museum has alot of potential, but it needs better direction and alot better workers to make this work.
06/17/2005 @ 10:49 [ref: 4152]
 John Bergmann
 Tulsa, Oklahoma

My wife and I went to a hanger dance in the mid 90's for the 50th anniversity of D-Day. It was a great night. Do you plan on having any more events like this, and if so, we would love to attend. Thanks John
10/29/2004 @ 08:32 [ref: 3534]

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