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 Colin Povey
 Clearwater, Florida

A previous reviewer made a mistake. Pearson is certainly an old airport. However, College Park Airport, in College Park, Maryland (a suburb of DC) is at least two years older and is the oldest continuously operating airport in the world. The hangers at College Park were built by the Wright Brothers. Very historic airport-first airmail, first instrument flight, first female to fly flew from College Park, first bomb dropped by an aircraft, and many more firsts occurred at College Park Airport.
07/10/2008 @ 06:20 [ref: 8202]
 Fred Clark
 Vancouver, Washington

All of the comments below are somewhat old. The Pearson Air Museum is now part of the Fort Vancouver National Historic Trust. The Museum has a new (2005) Director and a new (2006) Curator. It's much improved. See Most air museums focus either on (a) some period of war, or (b) aircraft and nothing else. Pearson is about some of those but mostly about the histroic events that have taken place at Pearson Air Field, the oldest operating airport in the U.S. As such, it has a more interesting story to learn about. Guided tours are available with an advance request.
08/12/2007 @ 16:12 [ref: 6225]
 Betty Blom
 Redding, California

My Father stored his home made bi-plane at Pearson Field in the late 1930's. His name was Ceryl Hubert. Would your museum have any information about that time or about him? Do you have booklets (etc) about your museum that I might have or buy? I am trying to write his story and would appreciate anything that might help me. My Uncle Paul Deaton, a volunteer with you is now gone and I waited too long to ask for his help. Thank you for any consideration you may give me. Betty Blom
03/21/2002 @ 16:34 [ref: 1969]
 word searches of america, ltd.`
 staten island, New York

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04/22/2001 @ 03:28 [ref: 1048]
 Michael Smith
 Vancouver, Washington

Pearson Air Museum is located at 1115 East 5th Street in Vancouver, WA. Check out their website to learn more:
07/26/2000 @ 23:59 [ref: 336]
 , Utah

Not a bad museum, but they do need to correct some of the inaccuracies in their interp displays. Jackie Cochran a founder of the ATA? I think not!
05/27/2000 @ 20:13 [ref: 146]
 Donald Docent
 Vancouver, Washington

Greetings! I just did a search for Pearson Air Museum, and I found it. However, I couldn't find any place where it told me anything about Pearson Air Museum. It got me to a lot of other places, but nothing about Pearson. No History. Nothing about displays. None about hours. None about anything. It seems to me that we are really missing some- thing here. A lot more people might come if they could find out a bit about what they might see at Pearson. Regards, Donald Docent
04/20/2000 @ 18:22 [ref: 82]

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