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 b fish
 rhinelander, Wisconsin

Was just there for a trade show and they opened the museum to our members dinner. Fantastic.
10/07/2012 @ 16:50 [ref: 55330]
 brandon patz
 , Vermont

i loved it not i came from europe and it was so badddddddddddddddddd i want a refund
12/15/2009 @ 11:57 [ref: 9194]
 brandon patz
 , Vermont

i loved it not
12/15/2009 @ 11:53 [ref: 9193]
 lacrosse, Wisconsin

i would like know is do u have boeing b-36 at ur museum?want other cool aircraft do u have at ur museum?do u have any boeing aircraft there?do u have any F-18 there?
06/17/2006 @ 06:32 [ref: 5072]
 , Wisconsin

WOW!!!!! I've gone to every Airventure airsohw since 1998. It just keeps getting better every year. The museum is unbelieveable!( My fav part is the Eagle Hanger, where the WWII aircraft are on display) WOW!!!!!
06/16/2006 @ 08:24 [ref: 5070]
 commander cody
 , New York

one of the very best in the USA well marked-beautully maintained with plenty of knowledgable help for beginners.we stop here every time thru
01/24/2003 @ 22:32 [ref: 2780]
 Stanley H. Duke
 DeForest, Wisconsin

This museum has something for every taste in aircraft. I especially enjoyed the WW II section with outstanding dioramas and expertly restored aircraft. The unique aircraft in other parts of the museum were displayed with a special flair and historical context. A visit is well worth the trip and if you are a true aircraft buff you could spend days studying the exhibits.
07/17/2002 @ 13:46 [ref: 2285]
 clinton twp, Michigan

Got to vist the EAA Aiventure Museum for the first time while at Airventure 2001. It is without a doubt one of the premiere museums for general aviation today. I am an EAA member and encourage anyone interested in aviation to join them. You dont have to be a pilot, and they welcome families and especially kids. Membership also includes a fantastic full color monthly magazine. International members welcome too!
01/28/2002 @ 04:53 [ref: 1826]
 , Illinois

I appreciate your enthusiasum for EAA, but just because someone hasn't been there yet shouldn't disqualify them, "Flyboy". EAA also has a great library located on the lower level of the Museaum. While on EAA grounds be sure to visit Pioneer Airport as well.
09/02/2001 @ 15:28 [ref: 1422]
 , Connecticut

IF you do not go to the Oshkosh airshow at least ONE TIME during your life, you really aren\'t into aviation and should KEEP YOUR TRAP SHUT about anything related to the sport or industry! PERIOD!
05/01/2001 @ 16:51 [ref: 1068]


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