West Virginia ANG - 130th AG, Charleston

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Address(1)Yeager Airport
StateWest Virginia

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Pursuit - 'P' 1925-1947
 North American P-51D (Mustang) Serial No: 44-72948  


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 Florida, Florida

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11/28/2012 @ 18:00 [ref: 55366]
 Geoffrey Miller
 Harrisonburg, Virginia

To Roy Mills of Pickering, Ohio: You are correct! My Father, Maj. James L. Miller, flew the last official flight of a P-51 from the WV ANG base in Martinsburg, WV to the air museum at WPAFB. My family had a a copy (I don't recall if it was 8mm or 16mm) of the film of him being interviewed for the evening news. The film was recently destroyed when one on my sisters lent it to a friend, whose projector mangled the film beyond recognition.
09/27/2007 @ 08:33 [ref: 6343]
 Roy Mills
 Pickerington, Ohio

I have a number of very good professional high resolution photographs of WVANG P-51D-25NA (S/N 44-72948) on its arrival at WPAFB,Ohio in 1957. I understand that this flight to deliver the MUSTANG to the USAF Museum was the very last active duty flight of a MUSTANG by any USAF unit in the USA. Can anyone tell me if this correct? In these photos, some of them feature the pilot of this historic flight being interviwed by by a TV crew.And for comparison of the old with the new, there are also good views of the MUSTANGS parked along side the USAF's top fighter at the time,the F-100D SUPERSABRE. If anyone is interested,I will be offering these photos on eBay soon. Thanks! H.L.(Roy)Mills e-mail:millsroy@msn.com
09/02/2005 @ 11:00 [ref: 4393]
 Winston-Salem, North Carolina

On March 20, 2005 JROTC from my school is going to go to Charleston Air Force Base and stay the night there for 2 nights. I'm hoping to have a lot of fun & if anyone is down there now, I hope to meet you! Hope we all have fun!
03/09/2005 @ 21:24 [ref: 3895]
 Dave O\'Connor
 Cleveland, Ohio

My Mom has pictures of my Grandfather with this plane when it served in the Ohio Air Guard, he apparently flew it. I can't wait to bring the family down to take pictures with it.
02/19/2005 @ 08:46 [ref: 3826]
 Chris Kidd
 Vinton, Virginia

I read that the last active P-51 was in WVA. Is your exibit this plane?
11/16/2002 @ 19:23 [ref: 2678]
 , West Virginia

Humm...maybe 100%. Is that favorable odds?
10/11/2001 @ 23:17 [ref: 1504]
 Charleston, West Virginia

What are the chances of the Charleston ANG being called to ative duty?
09/20/2001 @ 14:34 [ref: 1463]

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