Aero Commander 680

  Manufacturer:Aero Commander
  Base model:680
  Basic role:Commercial Transport

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 George Carney
 Johannesburg, GA
Hello I am flying a 680 on a simulator (Pole to Pole simulation) I would like to know where I am able to get operating information such as IAS for flaps, takeoff, landing, undercarriage etc.
01/16/2011 @ 02:06 [ref: 35798]
 Oshkosh, WI
I flew the 680F/FP for a bit back in 1965, a brand spanking new Commander N847CE that belonged to the Campbell Ewald Advertising Co. in Detroit, MI.. This airplane is a rocket and had the IGSO-540-B1A engines of 380 HP, Lycoming was conservative in their TBO @ 1200 hours, we ran ours to 1600 with no problems, but you have to know "geared engines"...At 12,500 feet this rascal would cruise at 230 KTAS. All Commanders are rock solid well behaved airplanes in any configuration and quite stable in the approach, on a windy day they ride superb compared to other twins, not like sitting in a paint mixer
10/22/2010 @ 10:34 [ref: 31529]
 Mel Roberts
 Long Beach, CA
I thank the plane Gods that I had the good luck to have flown N777LS for about 5 years. What a fun airplane. You could truly fly with anything you could close the door on. We flew off Ensenada with 6 big fishermen and all their gear. It took us 3 hours of flying time to get back into weights. N777LS burned 40 gallons an hour. Thanks for the memories. Mel Roberts

08/17/2010 @ 19:07 [ref: 29023]
 Brian A. Kruh
 Sandpoint, ID
The Aero Commander 680E has Lycoming GSO-480-B1B Supercharged 340Hp throttle body injected, Geared engines.

The 680E is capable of not only flying, but can take off on one engine with little problem within most weight configurations.

Single engine preformance is suprisingly good compared to many other twins of equal gross weight.

Below 10,000 ft. the 680E curises at 180+ mph with little problem. Above 10,000 ft. it does a clean 200 mph.

When I first began flying the 680E I had an opportunity to fly with Jim Metzger of the Twin Commander Flight Group. A little tid-bit he left with me was "In a Twin Commander you can go down, or you can slow down, but you can not do both".

Three years later his advice stil stands. It is a wonderful aircraft, but it truely is a pilots plane. Do not allow yourself to get behind the plane. You wont catch up!

01/31/2007 @ 19:36 [ref: 15368]


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