Aero Spacelines B-377SG 'Super Guppy'

  Manufacturer:Aero Spacelines
  Base model:B377
  Nickname:Super Guppy
  Basic role:Commercial Transport

Not Yet Available

Examples of this type may be found at
Pima Air & Space MuseumTucsonArizona

B-377SG on display

Pima Air & Space Museum


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 Douglas M Conroy
 Katy, TX
To everyone that replied I appreciate it very much! I guess I never checked back to see if anyone replied, if it wasn't for my daughter asking "Siri" on my iPhone. I probably never would have known! I would like to keep in touch for sure, I would like to show my kids some of their families past. Here is my email address to contact me whenever you get a chance!


12/09/2012 @ 15:24 [ref: 67401]
 Richard Johnson
 Retired fulltime RV traveler, WA
Found this site by accident. I remember the Guppy well.
In the mid/late 70's, I had just been layed off by Boeing in Seattle. I was interviewing for a Aircraft Sheetmetal Fabricator possition at a SeaTac hotel for Aero Spacelines.
The interview was going well as I'd had 747 and C-5 experience. Then I was handed some pictures of the companies projects GUPPIES!! I Cracked Up! I laughed soo hard I almost fell out of my seat. I was imediately hired.
I worked there for aprox two years untill Tracor (Tractor) took over and my contract was not renewed. It was one of the best aircraft companies that I ever worked at. Nice people, nice place and envolved management.

09/30/2011 @ 15:25 [ref: 49335]
 David Beattie
 Denver, CO
It was great to find this website about the Guppies. I attended UCSB in the early 70's and also learned to fly at the Santa Barbara Airport which was littered with past Conroy projects like the Turbo-3 DC3, a super stretch Skymaster with a single turboprop and the carcasses of old Viscounts from which he stripped Rolls Royce Dart engines to use on various projects. There was also a Grumman Widgeon which was one of his personal aircraft. It's registration was 04Q so he could say "Oh Fork You" to the controllers!

Jack came to talk to our flying club and was an absolute smash for all of us junior bird men. He was a real colorful guy! Often while walking around campus we would hear the distinctive rumble of the Guppies flying over. It was a lot of fun.
05/19/2011 @ 19:20 [ref: 38146]
 margy bloom
 sherman oaks, CA
I feel like I've just hit the motherlode. I'm working on a book about Jack Conroy now, and love seeing so many affectionate first-person remembrances of this extraordinary man. Those of you who actually met and worked with him were so lucky! How I wish I could drive over to VNY, walk through a magic curtain and watch that first Guppy being built. I'm VERY interested in hearing all of your stories. I have spent time with Angelee and Milbrey Conroy, Clay Lacy and others, and will be working on this project for the next several months. You can reach me at margy.bloom@gmail.com. I can't wait to hear your stories. margy
12/30/2009 @ 09:08 [ref: 25490]
 Ed Chesley
 , CA
I was about ten when I saw the first SG. My father was your great uncles and Clay Lacys account for many years. I was able to see the Guppy being built from the ground up. I remember setting with your uncle and my dad in a little greasy spoon restaurant at the side of the Van Nuys Airport (it became the headquarters for the Condor Squadron) and saw you uncle draw a picture of the plane he was building, it was the Guppy. I also was there when it took to the air for the first time. I still have picture slides of the take off and some as the plane was being built. I lived near your great aunt Jeanie when i moved to Orange County. Would love to give you any information my dad or myself can give.
12/23/2009 @ 17:21 [ref: 25464]
 Oran Woody
 Spring, TX
When I first got out of the Army, I went to Santa Barbara, CA to take my advanced flight training. Across the field from where I worked was (Jack) Conroy Aviation. He was the man who converted aircraft to the Guppy series. During the time that I was there, the FAA was flying the Super Guppy for the certification process. One day, when I was sitting with some other pilots out in front of the office watching the SG do touch and goes, I noticed that it was going to make a low approach rather than landing (since the landing gear was not down). It came in and went skidding down the runway.
About six months later I was working in Midland, TX and a man was at our reception desk. The receptionist asked if I could get the tug and pull a DC-3 (the Douglas C-47) out of the hanger for Mr. Conroy. I asked him if he was "the" Mr. Conroy, meaning Super Guppy Conroy. He laughed about the title and admitted that he was who I thought he might be. Then, while we were getting the plane out of the hanger, I explained that I'd gone to school and worked at Santa Barbara Aviation. He asked if I wanted to fly co-pilot for him while he was took the DC-3 back to his plant. Of course I wanted to and so I did.
During the flight, I mentioned that I'd seen the SG when it did the wheels up landing.
It turned out that the FAA seemed to have way too many people who wanted to get a shot at flying the SG. The flew far more hours than is done for just a normal certification so they just kept flying and swapping pilots and flying some more. All of it on Mr. Conroy's dime.
He was riding in the jump seat during each flight getting madder and madder about them spending his money at about a thousand dollars per hour. When he noticed that they were about to land with the gear up, he did a quick calculation and figured that he could repair the damage for less than it would cost him to let them keep flying for another month. So, he just tightened his seat belt and rode it in.
11/12/2009 @ 17:52 [ref: 25284]
 Michael D. Anderson
 Tacoma, WA
Hi, I just want to say that I am the youngest son of Richard D.Anderson the Load Master for Aero Spacelines in the 1960's. I would really enjoy some photo's of the early day's of this company. My Dad died in 1995 and all the family photos can not be found. Thank you for your time.
03/07/2009 @ 16:38 [ref: 23902]
 Michael D. Anderson
 Tacoma, WA
Hi, I just want to say that I am the youngest son of Richard D.Anderson the Load Master for Aero Spacelines in the 1960's. I would really enjoy some photo's of the early day's of this company. My Dad died in 1995 and all the family photos can not be found. Thank you for your time.
03/07/2009 @ 16:37 [ref: 23901]
 Douglas Michael Conroy
 Houston, TX
Hello all,

Jack Conroy was my Great Uncle, and I was looking for people that knew, and or worked with him so I could find out more about him. His brother my grand father, passed away when I was too young to appreciate history.
Anything is great!


Douglas Conroy
02/14/2009 @ 03:56 [ref: 23718]
 , CA
Sure would make a heck of a slurry bomber for fire fighting in the Forest Service. :p)
09/22/2008 @ 15:28 [ref: 22717]


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