Beechcraft JU-21A 'Ute'

Notes: LOW-WING utility aircraft with reversing propellers and retractable tricycle landing gear. For command/control and utility missions in combat zones (2 CREW, 10 PASSENGERS) .
  Base model:U-21
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1952-Present
  Basic role:Utility
  Status:Special Test (Temporary)

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 Andrew Rodriguez
 Ponte Vedra, FL
Hi all, for any of you who have posted, or will post in the future, please be sure to check out Facebook because there is a page for Veterans of the 138th Aviation Company. As you may know the unit flew the RU-6A, RU-8D, RU-21D, RU-21A, RU-21B, RU-21C and finally, the RC-12G. If you've ever been associated with the 138th or any of her sister companies in the 224th Avn Bn (RR) in Vietnam, or during the cold war with TF 138 and Ordway Grove, or Desert Storm or beyond we'd love to hear from you!


Also check out:
10/05/2014 @ 03:09 [ref: 68686]
 Robert Graves
 Nampa, ID
I worked on these aircraft in Phu Bai with the 138th Avn Co (RR) as a senior mechanic with NHA Inc. Yes I was a civilian at the time, but also did 22 years in Naval aviation as a mechanic, and later an aircraft electrician. I was there when the order came to stand down, then was rescinded after we disbanded. The left jab also had a crew larger than the two the article says. Don't forget the RU8D aircraft and the U6 that the 138th also flew.
09/11/2013 @ 03:17 [ref: 68058]
 Russell C. Harper Jr.
 , WA
I was in the 138th from 11-70 thru 12-71 as a pilot. I also flew the Ju-21A (Left Jab). I'd like to hear from anyone that was in the unit at that time. I'm currently living in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, working for the Boeing company azs a field service rep. I plan on visiting Phu Bai (Hue) in the near future.
04/04/2006 @ 23:57 [ref: 13040]
 Robert Davis
 , TX
I do not know what your sources are, but, in identifying the JU-21A and the RU series of Beechcrafts as Air Force aircraft, you are in error. These aircraft were in the Army's inventory and were flown by army aircrews. The JU-21A's were part of a SEMA, Special Electronic Mission Aircraft, system known as Left Jab. There were originally three such aircraft, but one was lost to hostile fire in Viet Nam with a loss of all five crew members. The aircraft were assigned at the time to the 138th Aviation Company (Radio Research). Other aircraft flown by this unit of the United States Army were RU-21D's of the LAFFING EAGLE SEMA system. I flew combat air support missions out of DA NANG in both these systems. Robert Davis, Master Sergeant US ARMY Retired
07/18/2001 @ 14:48 [ref: 2700]


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