Beechcraft JU-21D 'Ute'

Notes: LOW-WING utility aircraft with reversing propellers and retractable tricycle landing gear. For command/control and utility missions in combat zones (2 CREW, 10 PASSENGERS) .
  Base model:U-21
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1952-Present
  Basic role:Utility
  Status:Special Test (Temporary)

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Examples of this type may be found at
United States Army Aviation MuseumOzarkAlabama


Recent comments by our visitors
 Robert Davis
 Kempner, TX
JU-21Ds did not exist. The RU-21D was the Laffin Eagle configured Ute. As stated below, two of the pictures below are of the JU-21A Left Jab configured Ute. I served with the 138th Aviation Company (Radio Research) from 1972 to just before it was deactivated in 1973, crewing the JU-21As (with one mission on a RU-21D). On 17 Feb 1973 we flew the two remaining LJs to Udorn RTAFB where they served with the 7th RRFS Aviation Section until its deactivation.

07/22/2015 @ 09:23 [ref: 69173]
 Dwight Adams
 Henrico, NC
The 2 pix with the pod beneath it are not D models. To the best of my knowledge, they are A models with Left Jab configuration. I did not fly the Left Jab, I flew the RU-8. A crewmember gave me the black and white in 1972. The pix of the JU-21A on a mission was taken from a RU-8 I was flying.
02/25/2010 @ 18:24 [ref: 25786]
 Gene (Fuji) Fullington
 Milwaukee, WI
I was a 98G2L stationed with the 1st ASA Avn Co at Fort Bliss from '76 till '79.
06/01/2009 @ 04:17 [ref: 24209]
 William Martindale
 Cedar Creek, TX
I served with the AVN EW CO stationed at Ft. Bliss from 72 to 73. Was 05H and spent most of my time in the A model. SFC Hearn, SFC Cable, SSG Morris, CW2(?) Wicks. SP5 Green, Payne, Anderson, Ellis, Spugnardi are some of the guys I worked with. Took the planes to Huachucha for final testing for service. I don't know how we did but it didn't look good from the backseat view. Good to see the planes again.
01/10/2009 @ 17:14 [ref: 23464]
 Kiko Velez
 Eagle Pass, TX
I 1971 my brother was assiged to Bangkok thailand ascrewchief in a U-21 beechcraft King Air.My brother was TDY in Vientianne,Cambodia for sixty day when their U-21 was shot down in Cambodia.It took ten days but my brother and the pilot were rescued by friendly forces.The had major injuries a was sent to Japan my brother was send to a bankok hospital.

01/21/2008 @ 10:30 [ref: 19380]
 Larry V. Green
 Coldspring, TX
Hello all you U-21 buffs! I flew the UTE as a member of the Command Airplane Company 70/71 from Long Thanh AAF. I DEROS-ed to the 367th AVN. CO. 71/74, at Wheeler AAF, Hawaii, and flew the U-21 there also. Sad to here they had all been sold off. Does anyone know if there is a group or person who owns one and flys it in the Army config.? I am retiring from Continental Airlines soon and would like to touch base with people who loved the airplane!
11/24/2007 @ 15:29 [ref: 18659]
 Alan Taylor
 Saint Cloud, FL
I was in the 138th Aviation Co from 1983 to 1986. Just wondering if any of us are still around?
09/18/2007 @ 15:35 [ref: 17955]
 Mike Boose
 Gillett, PA
I was an MP with the 1ST ASA AVN. Co. at Ft. Bliss and then on Biggs Army air field from 1975 to 1977. Alot of good memories and fun times. Glad to see so many others from the unit.
10/23/2006 @ 03:59 [ref: 14537]
 SFC Russ Canter
 Fort Riley, KS
I found the U-21's. I used to be the crewchief on 66-18034 stationed @ HAAF, GA in 1983-86. I sent out emails and found that they had been bought out and here was one of my replies:
Hi Russ. Thanks for writing.

My twin brother Karl bought the fleet of U-21's - - 130 or so aircraft
and many truckloads of engines and parts. He runs Dynamic Aviation in
Bridgewater, VA, www.dynamicaviation.com
I'm finishing up at Ft Riley, running range teams instructing the guys heading out on MTT teams. I also have a Piper Tripacer and help run a flying club.

Russ Canter

08/31/2006 @ 17:15 [ref: 14038]
 Chris Jones
 , FL
Hi all, I was an "H" and flew in the RU-21A and B models from 1982 to 1994 in the 138th Avn.Co. out of Orlando. As you may or may not know, the unit was retired and so were the planes a few years ago... now some of the Utes are in a bone yard in Colorado. If you would like more information on the fate of the u-21's, just let me know (including the one sitting on the sea floor off of the coast of Greece) or you can go to the 138th site at military.com to get some information on the aircraft.
01/13/2006 @ 21:03 [ref: 12146]


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