Beechcraft RC-12G 'Huron'

Notes: Modified beech a200ct to provide near real time intelligence support to tactical commanders in the field (2 CREW) .
  Base model:C-12
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance

  Length: 43' 9" 13.3 m
  Height:15' 0" 4.5 m
  Wingspan: 55' 6" 16.9 m
  Wingarea: 303.0 sq ft 28.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 7,334 lb 3,326 kg
  Max Weight: 15,000 lb 6,802 kg

  No. of Engines: 2
  Powerplant: Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-41
  Horsepower (each): 850

  Cruise Speed: 272 mph 438 km/h 236 kt
  Max Speed: 299 mph 481 km/h 260 kt
  Climb: 2,450 ft/min 746 m/min
  Ceiling: 30,900 ft 9,417 m


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 Ashe Lockhart
 Charlotte, NC
I was an operator with Crazy Horse from '84 to '86 with the original group that developed, tested and fielded the system with Sanders. Some of the guys who were part of that original group were Earl Rollings (spoke with him this morning Nov 13, 2010), Carlos Fernandez, Norman Del Toro, Roger "Skip" Giovansanti, Mike Hughes, John Dahmer, Chuck Park, Wes Evans, Roderick Isler, SFC _____ Angelelo, Maj ______ Roberts, Pete Schwalen. I rewrote the Operator's Manual (the Sanders documents written by Lou Antonucci were not very good) for the mission equipment in '84/85 before the Army took control of the systme and put together the original training manual on-site at Palmerola. Just my brief recollections....
11/13/2010 @ 13:09 [ref: 33293]
 Jay Roberts
 Chicago, IL
I was an operator back when the unit was based in Orlando's naval base and was TDY 6 mos. at a time in Panama (92-94). Spent some time in Honduras and Bolivia as well.
06/22/2010 @ 04:45 [ref: 26620]
 Ken Heck
 , NM
I was also with Crazyhorse from August 1984 until November 1987 then from June 1993 thru June 1994.
I was with Mr. Park and company in NH building the system and went thru fielding at Key West (remember the hurricane?) and nearly 3 years as a GIB and maintainer.
07/28/2009 @ 09:19 [ref: 24320]
 Capt Wes Evans
 Roseville, CA
I some how just found this websight of my old buddies. I helped deploy Crazyhorse from Key West to Palmerola in 1985. Joined the unit as a First LT as the supply officer and pilot. I then became the Mission Ops officer , I helped build the tower and bar and compound! Remember in late 1985 or 1986 My mission got forced down by Honduran Fighters to San Pedro Sula! That was my 100th mission with Crazyhorse! Please any of my long lost friends can contact me now at 916-782-6432 or cell 714-507-8469. I am a Union Pacific Locomotive Engineer in Roseville , Ca.

Wes Evans
02/07/2009 @ 02:09 [ref: 23643]
 Peter Hallock
 New Orleans, LA
I was an operator on the RC-12s out of Palmerola in mid-1986, 90 day detail out of Panama. The only name I recognize here is Joe (Jose Alfaras), don't know if you remember me.

Lot of good memories, the three months in Palmerola were some of the best of my short-lived Army career. I was there for the dedication of the Tower, gosh I have a ton of pictures.

I still tell friends and co-workers about the time Captain DeWeese (at least I think it was him) decided to try to set the altitude record when our equipment went belly-up on a particular mission - cliiimmmmbbbb beep beep beep (stall warning) diiiivveeee.... clliimbbb beep beep beep diiiiveeeee.....
11/11/2008 @ 19:27 [ref: 23022]
 Chuck Park
 Huntsville, AL
I had to comment when I read about the B200. You have no idea how much trouble getting that aircraft lease was. We needed an aircraft to maintain our our flight training. George Kennedy was our standards officer. Bud Clark was our safety officer. Kirk Deweese was our operations officer. So we had crew chiefs, operators, pilots, etc who all needed flight time to maintain currency and flight status. It was a long fight to get a lease approved. That aircraft proved to be a life saver when we moved the unit south from the engineering facility to test and then to deployment. It flew almost every day moving equipment, data, and people. Lots of flight time in that bird.
11/11/2008 @ 08:11 [ref: 23013]
 Doug Shonkwiler
 Fort Worth, TX
I know Bass - stinkin JAFO! Let me tell you guys something. I saw that butthole Malanowski at Fort Irwin while I was TDY. That was in 95 and the guy was STILL an E-6. What he did to Hopkins was rediculous. Us 33's gotta stay together so I have got to have hopkins back. The rest of the guys were excellent, and I was spoiled by my very first assignment being Hondo. Anyone remember "Bimbo Bingo"?

Anyone can give me a call sometime, do I have some stories to tell!
08/04/2008 @ 05:14 [ref: 22349]
 Dave Shifflett
 Stockbridge, GA
Anybody still have their Limperas? I loved those old birds. All of the G models have long since been retired. When we finished with them in Honduras, (wore them out)they went to the Reserves at Orlando, Florida.

Five and a half hours a day everyday. Most months we hit 120 flight hours. That was October 1986 through March 1988. When I arrived at Palmerola, the first players had delivered the unit from Key West and had bugged out. We were still EACAIC (echalon above corps aviation intelligence company). Shortly after we were redesignated at B.Co. M.I. (L.I.) Bn. (Low Intensity). Missions were split between the buffer zone to the south and El Salvador. The C.O. when I got there was Major Jim Burch and later Capt/Maj. Dave Mulay. Others were X.O. Bill Wheeler, Hurb Toney, Dave Spidle, Dave Chilgren, Al Moros, Al Schonert, Rick Eagan, Harold Woods... In Atlanta, I worked with two of the Orlando Reserve guys, Ray Belcher and Charlie Spillner.

We were still in the BEAR Base when I got there with the tower outside the Boca Chica patio. We put in the jacuzi and the volleyball courts with the sand delivered by the Seabees. After the guy from the 224th fell through the main shower point's rotting wood floor, we acquired the 500 gallon fuel blivet from the Blackjack side of the base, and added a company shower point behind the orderly room. JTF Bravo hated us because we had King-Air N3816W (Whiskey), the B-200 for log flights back and forth from Howard AFB. We also had the one RC-12D we had to send back to the states in '87.

I had two of the best Thanksgivings in the world down there, if you have to be away from your family at Thanksgiving. The guys used several split 55 gallons drum BBQs to slow cook 6 or 8 hugh turkeys for the unit. They stayed up all night fixing it up. What a great meal!

What a great tour with outstanding soldiers! Don't forget, we won that one! El Sal and Nic are still free.
02/03/2008 @ 11:16 [ref: 19537]
 Michael Hughes
 Emlenton, PA
I was one of the original operators aboard the RC12's flying the "shakedown' flights in Key West and later on out of Honduras. I just had to comment when I read the notes by Mark, Chuck, and Peter. We did have a lot of fun in those birds. - Mike (Hooches) Hughes
01/03/2008 @ 12:48 [ref: 19134]
 Jose Alfaras
 Tampa, FL

I remember you. I was stationed in Palmerola from 1984-1985 and flew missions just about everyday. Best year I ever had in the Army. Remember the Boca Chica Bar we built and the jacuzzi? Good to see some of the floks are still around.
08/05/2007 @ 17:43 [ref: 17470]


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