Beechcraft RC-12P 'Huron'

Notes: Modified RC-12N with different external configuration, improved primary mission equipment, data link capability, fiber optic cabling, and increased takeoff weight.
  Base model:C-12
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Transport
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
93-0687 / 93-0701


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 Kenny G
 , TX
I am a Pilot in Command of the RC-12P and Qs assigned to Fort Hood Texas. The RC-12s are known by their more common name "Guardrail." The RC-12P/Q is a modification of the RC-12N incorporating a more powerful sensor suite as well as replacing the AGDLs with GDDLs (Guardrail Dual Data Links) that allow the airplanes to connect with each other as well as the TCDLs. The RC-12Ps also add the newer version of CHAALS knows as CHALS-X and X-wing capability improving accuracy and range over previous GRCS systems. The RC-12Ps also have a steerable ELINT horn reducing the size of the wingtip pods. The RC-12Q primary mission is DASR (Direct Airborne Satellite Relay) and allows the aircraft to act autonomously anywhere in the world with out any ground components. The aircraft have the same PT6A-67 1200shp engines and are approved up to 16,500 lbs putting them into the same category as the B190. The maximum altitude is 35,000’ with a cabin just slightly over 10,000’. The RC-12P/Qs have dual EFIS system, Collins radios and are being modified with TCAS II, GPWS, TAWS and a CVR. Aircraft 699 is being prototyped by integrating the KLN-90B into the EFIS system. Currently all 12 aircraft have INS systems as primary navigation with a military GPS backup. Unlike “slick” King Airs these airplanes are heavy in the roll axis and have a heaver nose requiring more effort on the pilot when flaring. Also the wingpods disrupt the wingtip vortices reducing drag and increasing ground effect.
10/26/2002 @ 08:50 [ref: 5960]


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