Beechcraft RU-21B 'Ute'

Notes: Improved RU-21A.
  Base model:U-21
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1952-Present
  Basic role:Utility
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance

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Known serial numbers
67-18077, 67-18087, 67-18093


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 Steve Crider
 , IN
In the late 70's I was assigned to 1st ASA Aviation Co. stationed on Biggs Army Airfield/Ft. Bliss, TX.

We had 6 RU-21's outfitted (if memory serves me) as A,B and C models.

I believe the A model was set up for radio direction- finding, the C model was for Electronic Warfare/jamming and the B model was a command and control aircraft.

I was a DF operator on the planes. One of my most vivid memories of flying over the hot west Texas desert - those planes often turned into "vomit comets." I think it was on a B-model one time that the operator in the back of the plane began to turn green. The two operators in front of him ducked just as vomit arced all the way from the back of the plane, over the operator's heads and hit the pilot in the back of the helmet. I was standing out on the tarmac when the plane came speeding back to the hanger. Three operators got off the plane laughing, followed by two very pissed off pilots.

Shortly after I got out of the army in '78 I heard the company was deactivated and became a reserve company in Florida. I believe it later deactivated completely and the airplanes ended up in an aircraft junkyard in Denver.

07/30/2004 @ 09:20 [ref: 7939]