Beechcraft RU-21D 'Ute'

Notes: Improved RU-21B.

Control Panel
  Base model:U-21
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1952-Present
  Basic role:Utility
  Modified Mission:Reconnaissance

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
67-18104 / 67-18111, 67-18119 / 67-18128


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 Vernon Scott
 Boerne, TX
I arrived Phu Bai Sept 1971 and departed Sept 1972. During that time, the 101st Airborne departed Dec 1971 and "incoming" started the next month. Because of prior military service, in the Navy, as an Aviation Electronics Tech. my second job was working with the avionics guys. However, my first job was flying. Within two weeks I was flying the RU-21D and later flew right seat in the RU-8D. At some point, as I remember about 3 months in country I moved to the "Left Jab" system and stayed there until DEROS.

From VN I went to Fort Bliss and flew the RU-21H.

Then to Tague, Korea flying the RU-21H (1976-77).

I retired after a second tour in Korea as SIP in both the RU-21H and O/RV-1D (1981-82)
Retired Fort Stewart 6-82
03/23/2016 @ 08:41 [ref: 69535]
 Steve Adams
 , CA
I flew in U8s and U21s out of Phu Bai from Aug 71 to July 72. I located several of the group that I lived with and we all met in Vegas several years back. Peep, Arty, Baby-san, Dicky, Lumpy, Cuddles, Duke, and I had a tremendous time reflecting on that wild and crazy year. All the wives attended except for Dicky and Lumpy. Unfortunately, Duke recently succumbed to a cancer that he had been battling for several years. Chuck
12/12/2015 @ 09:10 [ref: 69356]
 Andrew Rodriguez
 Ponte Vedra, FL
Hi all, for any of you who have posted, or will post in the future, please be sure to check out Facebook because there is a page for Veterans of the 138th Aviation Company. As you may know the unit flew the RU-6A, RU-8D, RU-21D, RU-21A, RU-21B, RU-21C and finally, the RC-12G. If you've ever been associated with the 138th or any of her sister companies in the 224th Avn Bn (RR) in Vietnam, or during the cold war with TF 138 and Ordway Grove, or Desert Storm or beyond we'd love to hear from you!


Also check out:
10/05/2014 @ 03:08 [ref: 68685]
 Randal McFarlane
 Brisbane, Queensland, GA
When I was serving in the RAAF I spent some time and a number of interesting flights with an Army unit based at Bangkok Airport [Don Muang] that operated about six U-21\\\'s. My friend CWO Lynn Olsen was a PIC and training officer. We flew into a number of USAF bases in Thailand and across to Laos on a number of occasions and into Cambodia at least once I recall. The aircraft were mostly unmarked and crew wore no rank etc and being a foreign national was required to wear civilian garb!

These aircraft departed in late 1975 to Korea with one aircraft receiving red/white Arctic scheme.

Can you help me with the unit details? I\\\'d love to catch up with my buddy Lynn.

PS: I'm not from Georgia but wife is.
04/18/2013 @ 03:06 [ref: 67740]
 Ron Current
 Mableton, GA

I was in the same unit from October 73-December 74. What a great group of guys. I retired from the Army in 88 and still flying. We operate a Bombardier CL 604 for a private corporation in Atlanta.
03/31/2013 @ 01:52 [ref: 67695]
 Gill Ediger
 Austin, TX
I was in the 138th Aviation Company at Hue Phu Bai during the last half of 1972 before they moved the entire unit to Da Nang. Although I spent the batter part of half a year flying the RU-21 in training for our VN mission, I never flew a mission while there due to medical reasons. The RU-21 was a sweet aircraft to fly, equipped with an Inertial Navigation System that could take you over the same spot 11 hours into the mission, long before GPS was a working concept. Due to the nature of our mission everybody in the unit, military or civilian: mechanics, aviation technicians, intercept operators, crew chiefs, military police, and pilots had Top Secret clearances.
03/03/2013 @ 12:56 [ref: 67635]
 Dean Oliveri
 , NY
Back in 1984-87, I crewed 2 U-21's while stationed at Forney Army Airfield, Ft. Leonard Wood Mo. Loved those birds!! One was tail number 67-18066, and oddly enough, 67-18104.
02/29/2012 @ 17:50 [ref: 53536]
 Cliff Wood
 LasVegas, NV
I flew the Ru-21d out of An Khe in 1969-1970. Great aircraft!! Jack Fench please contact me, I want to thank you for what you did for me RE: I am sure you know what.
06/12/2011 @ 21:02 [ref: 39441]
 Steve Corley
 Miramar, FL
The 138th AVN CO USAR operated the RU-21A/Bs in Desert Storm 90-91. They were retired shortly after the units return to CONUS.
04/03/2010 @ 03:15 [ref: 25971]
 Mark E. Haller
 River Falls, WI
The last missions flown in SEA were out of Thailand - 7th RRFS AVN Det. RU 21Ds and JU 21As. Originally based out of Udorn (Phantom Base) and then transfered to U-Tapao (Buffies and U2s)in June 74. I started flying in 73 - mostly Laos, and left at end of 74. The unit went wheels up in 75. I was 05H ARDF. The WO's were great. I used to get a fair amount of yoke time in second seat when transiting from Udorn to Ubon for fuel (on way to Cambodian target area). Great bird. A biz associate of my just bought an old C90 - mint - got me some yoke time again. Life is good
04/01/2010 @ 18:43 [ref: 25965]


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