Beechcraft U-21F 'Ute'

Notes: Upgraded U-21A (2 CREW, 6 PASSENGERS) .
  Base model:U-21
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1952-Present
  Basic role:Utility

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Known serial numbers
70-15908 / 70-15912


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 Jeff Foster
 Smithfield, VA
I was the first crew chief of U-21F 70-15912 when it was delivered to the CONARC (Continental Army Command, now TRADOC) Flight Detachment Fort Monroe, Virginia in late 1971 or early 1972, I can't remember exactly. The detachment operated out of Lanley Air Force Base, not far from Ft. Monroe. When first manufactured, 911 and 912 were assigned to Ft. Monroe, 908, 909 and 910 were assigned to Ft. Belvoir, VA.

A sweet airplane she was. A slightly unauthorized modification we did was to install an 8 track tape player (remember them?) under the front right passenger seat in order to give the Colonels and Generals a little music when we flew them.

The only problem I had with her was every now and then the pressurization outflow valve would stick due to nicotine (yep, everybody smoked everywhere back then) and pressurization would fluctuate a bit until I pulled it out and cleaned it. And, one day when the pee tube got a kink in it and I had a General pee all over my floor and carpet.

Jeff Foster, CW3 USA Retired
(I was a SP5 back in those days)
03/15/2008 @ 07:10 [ref: 20030]
 Floyd S. Werner, Jr.
 Baltimore, MD
The US Army acquired five U-21Fs, Tail numbers 70-15908, 909 (my aircraft), 910, 911, and 912. These were nothing more than off the shelf King Air 100s. They were all assigned to Davison Army Airfield at Ft Belvoir, VA in the early 1980's for VIP transport.
02/26/2002 @ 15:18 [ref: 4408]