Bell TH-1F 'Iroquois'

Notes: UH-1F modified for instrument and hoist training.
  Base model:H-1
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Trainer

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
66-1225 / 66-1250, 661250


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 D. Clark
 , MN
66-1225 is currently listed for sale on ebay!

Being sold out of a museum in College Station, Tx.

09/23/2010 @ 08:25 [ref: 30336]
 Kevin G Fogg
 satellite beach, FL
Sorry, didnt read Kevin Kellys tail number correctly

BTW I have found that 1233 is now in Australia

04/10/2008 @ 19:38 [ref: 20420]
 Kevin G Fogg
 Sattelite beach, FL
Well, I dont now about you being the last AF Crew Chief there Kevin Kelly, 66-1233 was stationed at Kirtland AFB NM with the 1550 CCTW. I was one of the last Crew Chiefs on this bird. I crewed 1233, which at that time was nicked named "Killer Hind F-model" because of a training game when we played soviets and we out did the UH-1N's and 53's and H-3s during the game. I was stationed at Kirtland from 1982 till 1986 and I think I have a clipping of a news paper that shows the last ones flying off to the bone yard just a couple of months after I got out of active duty. 1233 was a good bird. I would spend days stripping off old layers of paint and I ordered all new floors for it, by the time I left, it almost looked bran new. I have some photos of 1233 and would love to post them here.
04/10/2008 @ 19:29 [ref: 20419]
 Ray Bluff
 Clarkdale, AZ
SN 66-1233 TH-1F was puchased (along with a second ship UH1-P) by myself in 1993 from a civilian contractor just outside of gate at Davis Monthon AFB in Tucson, AZ. I had it certified in Restricted Catagory with the Tail No. N504AH. Aircraft was used and flown by me in southern caalifornia in support of construction projects. June of 1994 engine FOD grounded the aircraft. I sold the aircraft to Joseph Berto / Fire Fly Aviation in late 1994.
02/14/2008 @ 15:14 [ref: 19679]
 Richard L. Davis
 Medford, OR
Please contact me regarding s/n 66-1233 TH-1F. I have modified and worked on this aircraft for several years. redhawk@mind.net
04/18/2007 @ 08:16 [ref: 16220]
 Bob Bell
 Sydney, AL
I am interested in finding out ANY history available on Bell (later modified for civil register by Garlick) TH-1F Serial 66-1233. Anyone assist?
11/24/2006 @ 23:38 [ref: 14837]
 Kevin Kelly
 , MI
I am interested in finding info on final? disposition of TH-1F 66-1250 I was last AF crew chief before it was transferred to the Navy at Pax River Ma. early 1978 When it was in the AF it was stationed at Randolph AFB TX at the instrument flight test center and had been modified for an autopilot installation and had a huge reel to reel computer mounted in cargo compt. We used to completely cover the windows on the pilots side the pilot would be wired up to monitor his physical condition during simulated instrument flight conditions.I am still serving and this is the only aircraft that I had my name on that I can't find. AF historical records end in 1978 for this airframe. Thanks for any info you might have found this site just by typing in TH-1F and saw my tail number on the site which is pretty cool. KK
07/27/2002 @ 17:13 [ref: 5377]


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