Bell VH-1N

  Base model:H-1
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Helicopter
  Modified Mission:Staff Transport

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
158551 / 158554, 158556 / 158557


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 William D. Bradley MSG USA (Ret)
 Dresden, TN
I was assigned to the US Army Executive Flt. Det. from 1971 until the Army Det. was deactivated in 1977-78 at Davison AAF Ft. Belvoir Va. We had three of the VH-1Ns ans the Marines at HMX 1 had three. I was chief of quality control from the time we received the VH-1Ns. I was in charge of getting the maintenance manual and parts manual changed to reflect the changes/corrections from the UH-1N to VH-1N, also to reflect the half -life of the component changes due under the VH standard replacement schedule. Then there was the repainting and refurbishing of the interior that was scheduled to take place periodictly and was accomplished at Bell Heli.Co. Amarillo TX. It was a fine acft. and very dependable as it had to be perfect. I also flew with the acft. at times as crew-chief and almost always accompanied the acft back and forth to Bell Heli. Co.
I have been unable to find a die-cast of the "white Top" VH-1N for my collection. If anyone knows where to get one I would like to know but I intend to try to repaint a UH-1N until I may find one (doubtful).
01/25/2011 @ 10:48 [ref: 35872]
 Richard Gausepohl
 , MD
The picture of the green helio the number was 158553 not 158557. 158557 was a white top.
04/24/2008 @ 13:04 [ref: 20708]
 , VA
The picture of the SAR (RED/WHITE) is of 158553. Update on 158552, it is at Camp Pendelton, CA.
01/13/2005 @ 01:55 [ref: 9126]
 Steve H
 , NC
There were 6 VH-1N's in total. 158551-158554, and 158556-158557. There were all retired from HMX in the late 80's. They were all deconfigured from VIP to standard fleet configuration and were sent back to the fleet as HH-1Ns to different naval air stations, China Lake, Fallon, Yuma, and Lehmore. Some still serve. Several have crashed on mountain rescues. 158556 in July 2001 from NAS Fallon, no fatalities but 6 VERY luck people walked away. That photo is below. 158553 crashed at China Lake in the hills with 2 fatalities. I included a photo of 15855
09/13/2002 @ 19:13 [ref: 5688]
 Prior VH1N CC
 , VA
The aircraft were retired from staff status and returned to
the fleet, back in 1988-89 time frame. All the VH-1N's are
now HH-1N's. The helo's went through a conversion process
to remove all thier VIP equipment. The VH-1N is now just a
aircraft disgnation of the past. They were the best kept
HUEY's in the fleet.
08/28/2001 @ 11:13 [ref: 3045]


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