Bell X-2


  Base model:X-2
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1948-Present
  Basic role:Research
  First Flew:1952/06/27
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  Length: 45' 6" 13.8 m
  Height:11' 10" 3.6 m
  Wingspan: 32' 4" 9.8 m
  Wingarea: 260.4 sq ft 24.1 sq m
  Empty Weight: 12,375 lb 5,612 kg
  Gross Weight: 24,910 lb 11,297 kg

  No. of Engines: 1
  Powerplant: Curtiss-Wright XLR25-CW-1
  Thrust (each):15,000 lb 6,802 kg

  Max Speed: 2,094 mph 3,371 km/h 1,822 kt
  Ceiling: 126,200 ft 38,464 m

Known serial numbers
46-674 / 46-675

Examples of this type may be found at
The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"ChinoCalifornia

X-2 on display

The Air Museum "Planes of Fame"


Recent comments by our visitors
 Willy Logan
 Norman, OK
The X-2 replica at the Planes of Fame Museum (built for the pilot of the television show Quantum Leap) was in bad shape when I visited the museum in 2003. The paint was peeling and the fiberglass structure was deteriorating. The replica was dirty and even had a Dr. Pepper bottle stuck in the engine! It would be nice to see this replica restored, since it has importance to both aviation and television history.
09/07/2005 @ 13:49
 Antonio Bosisio
 Reggio Emilia, OTH
I would like to know in wich web sites I could found the correct X-2\'s draws to built a scale model.

Pardon me for my grammatic errors.
12/22/2000 @ 04:58
 Louis Ricciuti
 Niagara Falls- Bell Plant, NY, NY
CORRECTION To Below Serial # 46-676 SHOULD BE #46-675.
There was never a craft with the 676 number, my typo.
Sorry. LR
08/23/2000 @ 04:49
 Louis Ricciuti
 Niagara Falls-Bell Plant, NY
Message to Marcos: There are no surviving examples of the
Bell Aircraft experimental X-2 rocket powered aircraft.
X-2 serial #46-674 crashed into the Mohave Desert in
September 1956 after Capt. Mel Apt's record breaking speed
and altitude flight.
The remains of X-2 serial #46-676, lie at the bottom of Lake
Ontario on the US / Canadian border,where it was lost to an
explosion onboard the B-50 carrier craft on May 12, 1953.
I am heading-up a Search and Recovery effort to examine the
remains and debris field. When successful with all
documentation and recovery, we are planning
on establishing a museum exhibit. Further information is
available at: www.BellX-2.com "Recovery Efforts."

Best wishes to all X-2 Enthusiasts
X-2 Lou Ricciuti-Niagara Falls-Bell Plant(closed)
08/22/2000 @ 09:55
I like know about find X-2 in USA ? Exit X-2 IN EDWARDS MUSEUM?
I sorry for my english.
04/05/2000 @ 21:17


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