Bell XP-77


  Base model:P-77
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1947
  Basic role:Pursuit

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
43-34915 / 43-34916


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 Roy T. Lindberg
 Clarence, NY, NY
I am a volunteer at the Niagara Aerospace Museum. The museum has the Ranger engine for this aircraft in storage and a complete set of plans for the XP-77. There is discussion now underway about building a full scale replica of the XP-77 for static display.
For your information the library, archives, business offices and shop are in the old Bell Aircraft plant in Wheatfield, NY next to the Niagara Falls airport.
04/03/2012 @ 13:28 [ref: 54735]
 Mark A. Erickson
 Knoxville, TN
My dad was employed at Bell Aircraft during the war years and worked on the XP-77, amoung other projects. In my dads paper work I found the plans for the XP-77. I kept then safely(I thought) at my moms house, but sorry to tell you Max and the others that would like to re-build the plane that my mom destroyed those plans before her move to Tennessee.
10/13/2008 @ 08:33 [ref: 22845]
 Alex Kaptonak
 St.Cloud, MN
The XP-77 is the coolest plane I have ever seen besides the
XP-79.It looks so fast and agile.I am surprised it failed
tests.I think they should rebuild a grounded model for an
aircraft display.I love the nose intake,it makes it look like a P-40.I really like experimental aircraft. AK age 12.

12/22/2007 @ 20:19 [ref: 19019]
 Guy E. Franklin
 Deatsville, AL
General characteristics
Crew: 1 pilot
Length: 22 ft 10 in (6.96 m)
Wingspan: 27 ft 6 in (8.38 m)
Height: 8 ft 2 in (2.49 m)
Wing area: 100 ft (9.3 m)
Empty weight: 2,855 lb (1,295 kg)
Max takeoff weight: 4,028 lb (1,827 kg)
Powerplant: 1 Ranger V-770-7 inverted V12 engine, 520 hp (388 kW)
Maximum speed: 330 mph (290 knots, 530 km/h)
Range: 550 mi (480 nm, 890 km)
Service ceiling: 30,100 ft (9,180 m)
Rate of climb: 3,600 ft/min (1098 m/min)

1 20 mm (0.787 in) cannon, firing through the spinner
2 .50 in (12.7 mm) M2 machine guns

1 300 lb (140 kg) bomb or
1 325 lb (147 kg) depth charge

04/02/2007 @ 05:21 [ref: 16072]
 , NC
Anyone come up with the plans to build the Bell XP77?


02/23/2005 @ 07:50 [ref: 9513]
 lowell massett
 palm bay, FL
I saw the xp-77 make two high speed very low passes in front of an airshow crowd at Bell Aircraft (niagara fall municipal airport), tho I can't say for sure what year that occured. I feel sure it was spring or early summer 1945. My father was an P-39, P-63 armament instructor at Camp Bell, which was just across the street from Bell. My father worked for Bell during the war, and my mother worked at Auston constuction Company which was doing the expansion construction for Bell. During the war, I lwalked to our kitchen and over heard my parents talking about an airplane that didn't have a propeller. I scared them when I asked how can a plane fly without a prop. After being warned I never spoke of it til one day after school I heard a plane that didn't sound right, and wasn't a 39/63. That was the only time I ever saw the P-59 jet.
03/25/2002 @ 22:41 [ref: 4586]
 keith taylor
 tampa, FL
i am looking for specifications on bell xp77 for potential homebuilt copy..........of the most facinating airplane ever. need info how to go about getting plans and any pertinant info. welcome all corresponding info and photos to; keith taylor,fax.813.936.9522
12/20/2001 @ 02:49 [ref: 3868]


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