Boeing B-17B 'Flying Fortress'


Control Panel
  Base model:B-17
  Nickname:Flying Fortress
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
38-211 / 38-223, 38-258 / 38-270, 38-583 / 38-584, 38-610, 39-001 / 39-010


Recent comments by our visitors
 Thomas Edwards
 Augusta, GA
I have a special attachment to the B-17. My grandfather flew them in Alaska before and during WW2. I would appreciate any information, pictures, ect. any of you may have access to. You may contact me @ Firewalker132@aol.com
01/30/2008 @ 12:38 [ref: 19476]
 Rob Pastman
 Hewlett, NY
I'm just an aviation buff. I love looking at aircraft. The Boeing B-17 B just happens to be the most beautiful aircraft ever created.

12/05/2007 @ 11:36 [ref: 18808]
 Jack E. Porter
 , NV
In the personal effects(AKA,Footlocker)of a long passed U.S. serviceman I found some items of interest.Photographs of early B-17s in the snow at Ladd Field,Alaska and a small ring of keys. The key ring has a metal disc attached to it that is hand stamped (B 17 B 38-215).Also attached to the ring is a celluloid advertisment for (Loague&Loague Parachute co. ST.Paul,Minn.).Did B-17's have keys?
11/19/2007 @ 11:26 [ref: 18592]
 steve dennis
 , WA
I am researching a B-17B that crashed in Alaska July, 1942. Most writers of the era refer to it by it's nickname, "Old Seventy". I believe it was plane number 39-215. It was originally assigned to the Ladd Field cold weather detachment.

Does anyone know where the nickname came from or anything else about the plane?
01/30/2007 @ 14:43 [ref: 15350]
 Todd Roth
 , MN
I think the best B-17F was the best B-17 ever made. There is no way that you could ever argue that. No matter what you tell me or show me I will always believe the B-17F is the best.
04/19/2002 @ 11:26 [ref: 4751]
 Leland E Taylor, Jr
 North Highlands, CA
B-17B; SN 38-215 and 38-216 were assigned to Ladd Field at Fairbanks, Alaska Territory to The Cold Weather Test Detachment during the winter of 1940-41. They were not equipped with radar. SN 38-216 (numeral "2") crashed at Lovelock, NV before the attack on Dutch Harbor and SN 38-215 crashed on a mountain on Umnak Island a month after the attack on Dutch Harbor. SN 38-215 (numeral "1") was perhaps the only B-17B to see combat in WWII, according to John Cloe in his book, The Aleutian Warriors. The photo of this aircraft is at The Virtual Museum site of Wright Patterson AFB.
04/03/2002 @ 16:28 [ref: 4650]
 David C. Fenrich
I am attempting to find photographs of the B-17B airplane. I am looking for frontal, side (left and right), rear, etc.

I would appreciate any .jpg's, etc, sent my way.

Thank you.

David C. Fenrich
01/10/2002 @ 17:56 [ref: 4046]


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