Boeing B-17E 'Flying Fortress'


Control Panel
  Base model:B-17
  Nickname:Flying Fortress
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
41-2393 / 41-2669, 41-9011 / 41-9245


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 Michael Deskins
 Marysville, WA
Have pictures(2)of Flying Heritage Collection B-17E 41-9210 parked on the field at Arlington, Wa. before the plane was disassembled for further restoration
05/06/2008 @ 17:53 [ref: 20812]
 , FL
What can I say...The B-17E defined the future shape of the Flying Fortress with its full figured fin and graceful lines.
Today, a couple of B-17E's are under restoration and I cannot wait until they are complete. For those whose whereabouts are known, such as the "Swamp Ghost" and the two buried under the glacier known as Greenland, their recovery would be a welcomed addition to the surviving B-17 fleet. Unfortunately, the two covered by ice were crushed under the glaciers' weight, but the recovery of their salvageable parts for exhibit would make a visit to a flying museum a worthwhile one.
Hopefully, a flying or static model will be available for viewing and with the potential of the "Swamp Ghost", one can only wait and see....

05/31/2005 @ 01:56 [ref: 10353]
 Chris Wilkinson
 Los Angeles, CA
B-17E #41-9210 Heritage Flying Collection, Arlington, WA.
B-17E #41-9032 Ultimate Sacrifice Memorial, Cincinnatti, OH.
B-17E #41-2595 Desert Rat Restoration (in progress), Marengo, ILL.
See www.armyairforces.com or Aero Vintage Books web site for updated info.
08/15/2002 @ 17:52 [ref: 5485]
 Heritage Aircraft Salvage
 Richmond,B.C, BC
What happen to B-17 (E) 41-9087 we are getting salvage write
of a b-17 in British Columbia Canada 30feet down intack.
04/26/2002 @ 13:42 [ref: 4803]
 Heritage Aircraft Salvage
 Richmond,B.C, BC
What happen to B-17 (E) 41-9087 we are getting salvage write
of a b-17 in British Columbia Canada 30feet down intack.
04/26/2002 @ 13:42 [ref: 4802]
 John Ford
 Vacaville, CA
Two B-17E were assigned to the 21st TCS of Brisbane, Australia in Sep of 42. Their serial numbers are: 41-2440 and 41-2408. Data from recently declassified historical documents.
04/24/2002 @ 20:58 [ref: 4792]
 Kaunas, IL
It's the best bomber of WW II
I love it very much
see you later
05/22/2001 @ 06:40 [ref: 2329]
 Heather Preston
 West Valley City, UT
To whoever can help me:
My husband's grandfather is a veteran of WWII. In 1942, he was flying in the skies above France in a B-17E when enemy fire hit the plane. He lost his eye in that battle and spent the next couple of months in the hospital. He won the Purple Heart of Valor and the Distinguished Service Cross for his injury and bravery throughout the ordeal.
Fifty-plus years later Grandpa has a glass eye and still talks with pride about his years of service. He is 81 years old and is in fairly good condition, however, he is not getting any younger. His whole family is proud of his sacrifice he made to ensure freedom for future generations. We want to repay him with a ride in a B-17E if we can find one. We don't know how long he is going to be in good condition to do this so we can't hesitate any longer.
Please if anyone out there knows of anyone who has one or has access to one that is in flying condition contact me by e-mail. I can be reached at Heather.Ivie-Preston@hsc.utah.edu. My name is Heather Preston. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah.
I know this is a large request, but I am hoping by the grace of God that somehow we can make this work. Again, if anyone out there is interested in helping please contact me.
Thank you for your time and consideration. God bless you.
Thanks again,
Heather Preston
12/31/2000 @ 23:35 [ref: 1281]


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