Boeing B-17H 'Flying Fortress'

  Base model:B-17
  Nickname:Flying Fortress
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber

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 Edward Gilmore
 Leesburg, FL
In 1945 I was stationed in Abadan Iran on a B17 air sea rescue crew. I just completed building a 1/48 scale of a B17. Ive been searching for 2weeks trying to find a Higgins boat to attach. No luck. Can you help?
11/06/2011 @ 08:41 [ref: 50011]
 Robert Guttman
 , NY
My father, U.S. Navy Photographers 3/C Mate Paul D. Guttman, photographed this B-17H on Saipan during March of 1945, and I believe he flew in it as well on at least one occasion. He said that the Army sent the aircraft to Saipan in order to provide ASR support for the B-29 crews, who were then flying 16-hour-missions to bombard Japan.

My father said that they took this plane up to demonstrate it's ability to drop the lifeboat, but that the parachutes didn't open properly, and the lifeboat crashed into the sea and was destroyed.
09/23/2010 @ 08:45 [ref: 30337]
 Joe Nebhan
 El Paso, TX
My father John Nebhan flew out of both the Philipines and Ie Shima during WWII. He was a member of the 55th Special Operations squadron. I am not sure if he flew with the G or H model dropping lifeboats to downed airmen. He did tell me that his unit held the record for the most men rescued in a single boat drop.
06/03/2010 @ 08:57 [ref: 26539]
 Earl C Wilson
 Pensacola, FL
Was crew mbr on B-17 H #44-83575; One of the early ones/ Flew to Natal Brazil along with B-17h 44-83570 in June,1945, for Air-Sea Rescue Service.. Part of the Air Transport Command. All guns/turrets/ar,ament/ oxygen was removed. Stayed in service till March. 1946 when entire crew was discharged. The A/C stayed in service till ??, Eventually scrapped; then salvaged, restored to 8th Air Force Bomber configuration and re-numbered "909"; It is still flying the country on tours as '909"

The 2nd a/c with us; 44-83570 crashed off coast of Brazil
11/10/2007 @ 16:57 [ref: 18494]
 Jack Joyce
 , OH
My uncle was a crew member on a B17H (with the Higgens Rescue Boat) late in WWII. The aircraft had an alligator on the side and was named "The Flyin' Gator". I am looking for any information about this aircraft, e.g. its serial number, crew, colors, missions, etc. My uncle was Captain Martin (Marty) J. Joyce USAF retired (30 years service with combat duty in WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam).
11/28/2006 @ 09:47 [ref: 14861]
 Andreas Dort
 Staufenberg near Giessen/Germany, OTH

1st question:
could anyone told me, if the B-17H was flying during the WWII too?
2nd question:
iff yes, are they stationed in the UK or after the WWII in germany too?

personally greetings from germany and.....


05/13/2006 @ 10:11 [ref: 13272]
 Charles Kessler
 Ft. Myers, FL
I was stationed at Itazuki Airbase in 1947, assigned to the 3rd Emergency Rescue Squadron. We had 3 B17G aircraft in the rescue configuration with the lifeboat. We also had a PBY5A, and 2 L5 aircraft named Scotch and Soda. We were a detachment, one of 4 based in Japan and 1 in Seoul, Korea. The one in Korea was disbanded and the other detachments did standby duty one week each month. Our primary duty was rescue of American Airman, but most rescues were Japanese fisherman. We also spent many flight hours calibrating a Radar Warning system on a nearby mountain top. As I remember it was Camel Baker. Also shipping surveillance in the sea of Japan. Great assignment.
I am now a 36 year Boeing retiree.
07/16/2002 @ 16:21 [ref: 5324]
 Harry Charles
 Pearce, AZ
I was with the 7th ERS at Hickam Field in 1947. We had if I remember
right Four B-17H's in the outfit equiped with boats. I went on a mission
for a c-54 coming from Japan that didn't refuel at Johnston island and it
ditched short of Oahu. I was in the bomb-bay with an ax to cut cables in
case of a hang up. The boat deployed like it was supposed to. I left the
Bomb-bay to watch the boat float down and when I cleared the radio
position the plane lurched upwards and I rolled the rest of the way into the
waist. One of the passengers on the c-54 was President Truman's
Envoy or Ambassador to Japan named Atcheson (I think.) It had to be
late in 1947 Sept or Oct . The Navy returned the boat a few days later
preety beat up. I'd appreciate any info on this if anyone finds it....Thanks

02/01/2001 @ 23:28 [ref: 1521]


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