Boeing B-38 'Fortress'

  Base model:B-38
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber





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 Brad Johnson
 Calgary, AB
Absolutely one of the most beautiful 4 engine piston pounders ever built.

Beautiful nacelles and the in-wing radiators are trick.

No doubt more damage prone from flak. May be the extra speed of Allisons would have mitigated some of it.
10/18/2011 @ 11:33 [ref: 49611]
 C F Leppert
 , FL
B 17E number 41 2401 was delivered to Lockheed Aircraft Vega plant, Burbank, for modification to the Allison V 12 of 1710 CID. This was accomplished with the exception of the turbine type supercharger. General Electric was to supply these for high altitude cruise.
The V 1710 had a crankshaft driven supercharger, but it would not give rated power above about 16,000 feet. GE and Allison (a General Motors subsidiary) worked together on a gas turbine supercharger that was eventually used on several engines and several airframes.
The Allisons gave a good boost to the performance of the Fortress, but demand for the V block engines precluded use on the Forts.
GE eventually did supply those turbochargers in large numbers. The latest models of the Fort teamed them with the Wright R 1820. The turbine assembly was mounted on the underside of the nacelles; engines two and three behind the landing gear.
As mentioned before, this airframe was lost because of a persistent and uncontrolable engine fire. The crew successfully bailed out.
02/22/2008 @ 20:30 [ref: 19745]
 Tom Hawkins
 , TX
The engines on the standard B-17 were turbo-charged. The engines on the XB-38 were also turbo-charged but were Allison inline engines rather than the Curtis-Wright radials on the B-17. Therefore it was a "turbo" also.
12/28/2007 @ 13:36 [ref: 19074]
 phoenix, AZ
woow this b-36 is before my favorite bomber, world war two is reality cool¡¡¡¡¡
08/28/2007 @ 17:09 [ref: 17783]
 Harold Lowery
 Clinton, SC
The XB-38 was a testbed for a possible bomber. It was based on a B-17E, a Bendix remote controled turret was in place however a dummy Sperry manned turret was also installed. The engies were the Allison V-1710, the same engines that was on the P-38. There only prototype built and it crashed after its 3rd flight, the crew had an engine fire that they could not put out. There was no major difference between the XB-38 and the standard B-17, so it did not go into production. One interesting side note to this aircraft was a paper design for the V-138. It was to have the Allison engines and the YB-40 armament and the standard B-17F bomb load.
05/28/2001 @ 12:27 [ref: 2372]
I´ll like to see more pictures of the designer and all parts of the airplane

This is my favorite airplane of the second war

b-38, b-32

thank you!

I´m in Mexico D.F.
04/10/2001 @ 14:32 [ref: 2048]
 , FL
The distinguishing mark of the XB-38 was its turbo engines
and designated the "Vega". A B-17 re-fit.
08/01/2000 @ 13:52 [ref: 522]


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