Boeing B-47B-II 'Stratojet'

  Base model:B-47
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber

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 jerry schwecke
 , OR
hi i was an electrician with the 509th field maint electric shop while it was at roswell nm. i remember when a B-47 caught on fire and burned to the ground. an electrican was killed that day when the plane exploded.that was a very sad day.
04/23/2015 @ 12:59 [ref: 69049]
 Ed Clayman
 , TX
B-47B-II standard:

About half of B-47Bs were bought up to B-47E standards between 1956-57. New version of J47 engine was installed (6,000 pound thrust each), avionic upgrades were done, .50 cal. machine guns in tail turret replaced with a pair of 20mm rastering cannon, built-in RATO(Rocket Assisted Take Off) replaced with releasable strapped-on system, & ejection seats were installed. These modified aircraft were redesignated B-47B-II.)

From U.S.A.F. BuNo records.
06/17/2012 @ 08:25 [ref: 60179]
 Elden \"Duke\" Denning
 Reading, MI
I was a ground crewman and Crew Chief on several Boeing B-47's, the last one was a B-47B-II No. 51-2221 which was originally built at Wichita in 1951 and was modified into a dash II in 1955 before it was assigned to my outfit, the 93rd Bomb Squadron of the 19th Bomb Wing at Pinecastle AFB(later name changed to MCCoy AFB) and after June 1956 at Homestead AFB. "221" was a really good airplane, it went 11 months and 25 days without a ground or air abort or late takeoff during the period of August 1956-August 1957 and won me NCO of the year. My flying crew was "SAC Select" and consisted of Major Vayne L. Pfantz, AC, Capt. Melvin K. Walker, Co-pilot. and Capt. Robert R. Reynolds, AOB. "221" had previously been crewed by S/Sgt Alvin Shelton and I got the airplane when Sgt. Shelton left the 93rd in March of 1956. I got seriously injured in an automobile accident in February 1958 while at Nouasseur AB in Morocco and never got back to the "Flyin' 93rd" or my big, beautiful B-47 and I don't know exactly what became of her or the fine men who flew her, but to this day I salute 221 and Vayne, Keith, and Bob. What a wonderful part of my life you were!
07/30/2007 @ 18:38 [ref: 17370]