Boeing B-47E-II 'Stratojet'

  Base model:B-47
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber

  Length: 109' 10" 33.4 m
  Height:27' 11" 8.5 m
  Wingspan: 116' 35.3 m
  Wingarea: 1,428.0 sq ft 132.6 sq m
  Empty Weight: 80,756 lb 36,624 kg
  Gross Weight: 206,700 lb 93,741 kg

  No. of Engines: 6
  Powerplant: General Electric J47-GE-25
  Thrust (each): 6,000 lb 2,721 kg

  Range: 4,000 miles 6,441 km
  Max Speed: 606 mph 975 km/h 527 kt
  Climb: 4,660 ft/min 1,420 m/min
  Ceiling: 40,500 ft 12,344 m


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 , TN
I was in a 376 A & E truck on the flight line the time the 47 TRIED to take off with the drag out at Lockbourne.
10/27/2012 @ 15:24 [ref: 67342]
 Richard Koch
 Bradenton, FL
I was working on the flight line the day our B-47e tried to take off with the chute out the back. I worked in the air frame shop 314 fms . Under Major Lappo. Was setting trim tab controle actuator up on the wing got to see the whole the crash . That crew was lucky. tore down the fence at the end of runway. Was so unreal.
07/28/2010 @ 20:06 [ref: 28426]
 , OH
I was a crew chief, SSgt. on the B-47 aircraft assigned to Lockbourne AFB in the early 60s and almost crashed returning from Upper Heyford AFB, England. We had to use the over run to finally get airborne.
We had two major accidents when I was at Lockbourne. One of the aircraft had CG problems on takeoff and crashed, three crew members were killed and another pilot tried to take off with the drag chute deployed and that just doesn't work. That aircraft lost parts when it ran off the runway but the crew members were not injured.
06/05/2010 @ 05:10 [ref: 26546]
 Scott Garrett
 Parker, AZ
Although I was only 2 and 1/2 at the time of my Uncle C.W's death my father has told me stories of his brother, and his heroism. I am proud to be associated as a family member of such a great American hero. Heaven holds a special place for men like my Uncle.

God Bless
12/28/2008 @ 16:51 [ref: 23364]
 Murray Johnson
Ron Mllre: Is it possible for the guns on the B 47 to track someone walking behind the aircraft while aircraft sits on the ground?
08/31/2008 @ 19:52 [ref: 22588]
 , CA
Hey Weldon I left a message on the board for the B-47B. I have the report for your fathers incident. If you do not have one and would like one I could send you a copy.
08/24/2008 @ 10:10 [ref: 22536]
 Paul Breitkreuz
 , CA
Weldon, it was good to see your recent post here. I have only by chance been to this site a few times now. Your recall of the time back then is better then mine, especially with regard to the Little League team. We may not have been on the same team, as I think I was on the "Flyers" back then, but I'm sure we were in the same local league and played against each other at one time or another. My recall of the day of your father's accident is still very vivid. Although, the dates around it are real fuzzy to me. But, I do recall seeing the smoke trail in the air over March AFB, and of course the aircraft at the end of the flight line the days following the tragedy. If my recall is also correct your sister, Margaret, was slightly older then you maybe and I thought I might have had a class with her in those days. Again, a very long time back for all of us and it seems to be moving forward at warp speed these days. So far as the alcohol and water injection systems, I'm not sure those were required for all lift off events on the old B-47's, but I'm sure they were a must under certain take off conditions depending upon loads. Take care.
05/23/2008 @ 19:56 [ref: 20998]
 Weldon Garrett
 , CA
I am the son of Weldon Garrett, mentioned by Paul B. I have a photo of the Little League team he mentions("Dragons" sponsored by McPherrins Hatchery), with the names of almost all the members, coaches, and Mrs. McPherrin, written on the back by my dad. I'm guessing he is in it, although his name is not included. My memory of that day, January 5, 1962, is like those who described what they saw and heard. I was 10. Not long ago, I learned from my uncle, who researched the accident, that "no water takeoffs" were sometimes part of the procedure in those days. I've wondered about that. Anybody know?
04/18/2008 @ 18:37 [ref: 20611]
 Chris Jenner
 Cary, IL
To Mary Vance. Thank you for the information. I have amassed quite a bit of additional information, clippings, etc. about the crash. Iíve recently come in contact with a gentleman who was stationed at Lockbourne at the time, and was part of the team that went in to clean up. I would like to correspond further with you. Hopefully this site is OK with posting email addresses. Please email me at cjenner00@yahoo.com. Iím interested in any additional information you have, and would be please to share what I have.
03/27/2008 @ 10:02 [ref: 20249]
 Mary Vance
 South Bend, IN
To Chris Jenner. I was in the sixth grade at Berne Union School in Sugar Grove,Ohio and witnessed the crash. The aircraft flew over the village fast,low and loud. It crashed about 0.75 mile from us, missing a large Ohio Fuel natural gas pumping station by a few hundred feet. The impact was at the NW corner of Old Logan Rd. and Pump Station Rd. The crash was just a tremendous fireball and left behind nothing more than pieces and a crater. I recall that they brought in a crane to retrieve what was said to be pieces of the engines that were embedded in the ground.
The area was pretty much cordoned off, the site cleared, and that was it. We never heard much about it after that. Over the years I have tried to find information about the crash and those in the plane with very little success. I would like to know about your father and his fellow crew members. I have always felt that the reason the plane didn't hit the pumping station was due to the heroics of the men on board. I am so sorry that you lost your father that day.
03/26/2008 @ 14:49 [ref: 20245]


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