Boeing B-52E 'Stratofortress'

Notes: Upgraded B-52D with AN/ASB-4 bombing navigational system
  Base model:B-52
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber

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Known serial numbers
56-0631 / 56-0649, 56-0650 / 56-0656, 56-0699 / 56-0712, 57-0014 / 57-0022, 57-0023 / 57-0029, 57-0095 / 57-0109 , 57-0110 / 57-0130 , 57-0131 / 57-0138


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Hi I worked on the B-52 great ol Buff,

I had a metal paperweight thing that was a example of the B-52 alloy, it said Sample of 2024-T351 Aluminum Alloy from the Wing Skin of the B-52, well about 6 mos ago I went to visit a friend at Hawthorne Northrop Grumman plant and left it for 2 mins and came back and someone had stole it!

If you know anyone who might have one to buy, sell, trade please let me know! Thanks

I collect these from other aircraft as well, and might be interested,
WANTED Lucite / Acrylic/ Perspex Paperweights
WANTED Lucite / Acrylic/ Perspex Paperweights mainly aviation related....many may say they have a “First Chip” in example “ First Chip from the milling process of the YF-23” or F-16 or something like that, many are from planes, missiles etc…
Some examples. McDonnell Douglas C-17 Production Shaving Lucite Paperweight, First F-22 Production Chip Lucite in the shape of the state of Georgia, containing production chip / shaving any project! See link for photos

Another type are made from metals, materials & alloys used in the aircraft's manufacture they have “this is a example of the aluminum alloy used in making the B-52, they are about the size of a pack of cigarettes, see link to photos

REMEMBER-I pay a finders fee; please pass this around to anyone who may be able to help… Thanks from Charles!

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The next production version of the Stratofortress was the B-52E (Model 464-259). The B-52E was externally identical to the B-52D which preceded it. The differences were entirely internal, and most of them were related to the need to adapt the Stratofortress to the low-level bombing role. This type of mission required a more sophisticated suite of bombing and navigation avionics, and led to the development of the AN/ASQ-38 system which was fitted to the B-52E and to subsequent Stratofortress versions. In the B-52E, some internal equipment was relocated and a slight redesign of the navigator-bombardier station increased crew comfort.

With the B-52E, the second-source production line at Wichita began to assume the leading role in Stratofortress manufacture, producing 58 aircraft, while the Seattle facility produced 42.

The B-52E procurement was covered in four separate contracts, funded in fiscal years 1956 and 1957:

AF33(600)-31155 signed on August 10, 1955, covered 14 Wichita-built B-52Es. Serials were 56-0699/0712.
AF33(600)-31267 signed on October 26, 1955 was originally a B-52D contract, but 26 Seattle-built B-52Es were also included. These serials were 56-0631/0656.
AF33(600)-32863 signed on July 2, 1956 covered 16 Seattle-built B-52Es. Serials were 57-0014/0029.
The final contract which included B-52Es was AF33(600)-32864, signed on July 2, 1956. It included 44 Wichita-built B-52Es, serialed 57-0095/0138.
The first B-52E (a Seattle-built machine) flew for the first time on October 3, 1957. Wichita's first B-52E took off on its maiden flight on October 17, 1957. 100 B-52Es were accepted by the USAF between October 1957 and June 1958. The first B-52Es entered service with SAC in December of 1957.

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