Boeing 314 'Clipper'

  Base model:314
  Basic role:Flying Boat
  First Flew:6/7/38

  Length: 106' 32.3 m
  Height:27' 7" 8.4 m
  Wingspan: 152' 46.3 m
  Wingarea: 2,867.0 sq ft 266.3 sq m
  Empty Weight: 50,268 lb 22,797 kg
  Gross Weight: 82,500 lb 37,414 kg

  No. of Engines: 4
  Powerplant: Wright GR-2600
  Horsepower (each): 1200

  Range: 3,500 miles 5,636 km
  Cruise Speed: 183 mph 294 km/h 158 kt
  Max Speed: 193 mph 310 km/h 167 kt
  Climb: 565 ft/min 172 m/min
  Ceiling: 13,400 ft 4,084 m


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 cairo, DC
Thank u so much
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06/23/2012 @ 11:31 [ref: 61313]
 , AZ
Boeing Clipper 314 Metal Plate 5-31-38 Auto No 704.

Help me if you have some added info. Please take time to look at my auction: Ebay item #260093562297.


03/04/2007 @ 22:00 [ref: 15769]
 north Houston, TX
my dad flew for Pan Am, 1944 -80 out of Miami. They were still flying the clippers out of Dinner Key when he started flying. We had several Clipper pilots for friends.


A rare gem is a copy of the old Bogart movie, China Clipper. about 1936 or 39. Tons of footage from Pan Am. Very hard to find. Try ebay. I think it is in the public domain and can be copied.
11/18/2004 @ 11:50 [ref: 8651]
 Bill Randall
 Augusta, KS
Does anyone know where I could get drawings that would allow me to make flying model drawings?

04/08/2004 @ 23:49 [ref: 7181]
 Charles N. Hill
 Milford, OH
Regardless of whether the delayed delivery of the 314 boats (to Pan American Airways) was due to design problems or to sabotage, the pilot originally scheduled to inaugurate Pan American's Atlantic Route, Mark Walker (an observer on the 314's near-disastrous maiden flight of June 8, 1938), never got his chance to command the Yankee Clipper: He was among fifteen Americans lost in the Japanese hi-jacking of Hawaii Clipper, on July 29, 1938, west of Guam.

Check out www.hawaiiclipper.com.

05/01/2002 @ 18:32 [ref: 4842]
 cahokia, IL

To Tom Coulter's photo of the boeing 314 that he got
off the net, the registration number is for the first
314 to fly. It originaly had a single tail and this
gave insufficent directional control , both on the water and in the air . Boeing went back to the drawing brd and
came up with one of the best flying boats in history.

this info can be found in THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CIVIL
AIRCARFT, general editor David Donald.
04/25/2002 @ 21:44 [ref: 4799]
 Stefan Schaefer
 Vienna, Austria, OTH
Check out


04/17/2002 @ 17:32 [ref: 4743]
 Bob Garrett
 Kenai, AK
Actually, the 314As were the same 314s. All were upgraded to the 314A engines.
12/31/2001 @ 01:42 [ref: 3938]
 Thomas Mosher
 Tulsa, OK
The type certificate data sheet for the 314/314A is still on the FAA website. Small corrections to your specs:
1. Max takeoff weight 84,000 lbs (84,480 lbs with deicing equipment)
2. Max landing weight 80,000 lbs (80,480 lbs with deicing equipment
3. Max fuel load is 5448 gallons

11/28/2001 @ 23:15 [ref: 3736]
 Mark Douglas
 , CA
Who has the records of the location where the two 314's
were sunk? There is a lot of flying boat information at
07/17/2001 @ 07:12 [ref: 2693]


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