Boeing C-135C 'Stratolifter'

Notes: Improved C-135B with different radio, navigation, electrical systems, and cockpit configuration.
  Base model:C-135
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport

Not Yet Available

Operators (Past and Present)
USAF 55th Wing Offutt AFB NE

Examples of this type may be found at
Tinker AFB Air ParkTinker AFBOklahoma

C-135C on display

Tinker AFB Air Park


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 James R Price
 Kilmarnock, VA
The two entries below do not make sense. They appear to be English words cobbled together by Foreign Nationals whose native language is not English. Perhaps since this forum is not checked on from time to time, it is believed to be open to anyone to say anything they Damn well please.
09/26/2015 @ 04:33 [ref: 69255]
 Minuman Berenergi
 Set your city in FormFiller options, AK
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05/16/2015 @ 07:58 [ref: 69093]
 Rueohye, CT
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09/09/2014 @ 23:07 [ref: 68642]
 Mike LaPlant
 , TX
Garry, those look like pictures of 57-2589 "Casey Zero One" a KC-135E that flew at Offut, Hickam and then with the 412 FLTS at Edwards AFB were it retired. The inboard engines had turbo compressors (very distinctive engine struts like on a 707) It now sets as a static display/trainer at the Madina annex of Lackland AFB. I was an F.E. and my wife a flight attendant on that airplane - loved it.
08/08/2013 @ 03:37 [ref: 68004]
 Tom Grier
 Tulsa, OK
I was an aerial weather observer at Yakota AB in Japan from mid 1968 to mid 1970. I flew many missions on 12671. It was a good airplane - it got beat up a bit when it crashed on the runway in 1970, but the repair obviously went well.
12/02/2010 @ 11:36 [ref: 33869]
 Chuck Hoeppner
 Indian Head, MD
I was a Flight Attendant with Det 1 from 1979-1983. Flew many great "trips" on 671 and 668, also 127, 376 and a couple Blue Eagles. We had about the best gang you would want to fly with. Dennis Lyson was my crew chief back in the B-58 program. Good luck.
06/05/2008 @ 04:16 [ref: 21116]
 Scott Cummings
 Galloway, OH
My father (Gerald R Cummings) was crew chief of 671 in the early and mid-70's at Hickam. I liked the plane better when it had a grey belly. But it was a nice looking plane, inside and out.
05/27/2008 @ 04:08 [ref: 21013]
 Jimmy Bolusan
 , CA
I was stationed at Hickam AFB from '78 thru '82, but I was at the Blue Eagle section. I've flown with 671 back to the mainland one time and it was(betta) as comfy as bizness class. Thanks to(crazy) Victor.
03/07/2008 @ 14:43 [ref: 19882]
 tim troup
 dayton, OH
I was on 671 from 1988-92. Best assignment a young man from Indiana could have, lots of great trips around the world her..
02/29/2008 @ 16:52 [ref: 19822]
 Raymond P. DeFillipo
 Pensacola, FL
Greetings All, I was a Flt. Eng with Det 1 89th MAW, from Jun 84- Oct 87. I was quite surprised and saddened when I drove by Tinker (in Jun 94)and saw 671 on display. I guess she died of cancer(corosion). I had lots of great times in 671 and 668, had a "copilot landing" in 668(copilot had a mild heart attack).Luv to catch up with all ... Ray DeFillipo; raynsh97@cox.net
01/06/2008 @ 14:19 [ref: 19176]


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