Boeing C-135C 'Stratolifter'

Notes: Improved C-135B with different radio, navigation, electrical systems, and cockpit configuration.
  Base model:C-135
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1925-1962
  Basic role:Transport

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Operators (Past and Present)
USAF 55th Wing Offutt AFB NE

Examples of this type may be found at
Tinker AFB Air ParkTinker AFBOklahoma

C-135C on display

Tinker AFB Air Park


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 Mike LaPlant
 , TX
Garry, those look like pictures of 57-2589 "Casey Zero One" a KC-135E that flew at Offut, Hickam and then with the 412 FLTS at Edwards AFB were it retired. The inboard engines had turbo compressors (very distinctive engine struts like on a 707) It now sets as a static display/trainer at the Madina annex of Lackland AFB. I was an F.E. and my wife a flight attendant on that airplane - loved it.
08/08/2013 @ 03:37 [ref: 68004]
 Tom Grier
 Tulsa, OK
I was an aerial weather observer at Yakota AB in Japan from mid 1968 to mid 1970. I flew many missions on 12671. It was a good airplane - it got beat up a bit when it crashed on the runway in 1970, but the repair obviously went well.
12/02/2010 @ 11:36 [ref: 33869]
 Chuck Hoeppner
 Indian Head, MD
I was a Flight Attendant with Det 1 from 1979-1983. Flew many great "trips" on 671 and 668, also 127, 376 and a couple Blue Eagles. We had about the best gang you would want to fly with. Dennis Lyson was my crew chief back in the B-58 program. Good luck.
06/05/2008 @ 04:16 [ref: 21116]
 Scott Cummings
 Galloway, OH
My father (Gerald R Cummings) was crew chief of 671 in the early and mid-70's at Hickam. I liked the plane better when it had a grey belly. But it was a nice looking plane, inside and out.
05/27/2008 @ 04:08 [ref: 21013]
 Jimmy Bolusan
 , CA
I was stationed at Hickam AFB from '78 thru '82, but I was at the Blue Eagle section. I've flown with 671 back to the mainland one time and it was(betta) as comfy as bizness class. Thanks to(crazy) Victor.
03/07/2008 @ 14:43 [ref: 19882]
 tim troup
 dayton, OH
I was on 671 from 1988-92. Best assignment a young man from Indiana could have, lots of great trips around the world her..
02/29/2008 @ 16:52 [ref: 19822]
 Raymond P. DeFillipo
 Pensacola, FL
Greetings All, I was a Flt. Eng with Det 1 89th MAW, from Jun 84- Oct 87. I was quite surprised and saddened when I drove by Tinker (in Jun 94)and saw 671 on display. I guess she died of cancer(corosion). I had lots of great times in 671 and 668, had a "copilot landing" in 668(copilot had a mild heart attack).Luv to catch up with all ... Ray DeFillipo; raynsh97@cox.net
01/06/2008 @ 14:19 [ref: 19176]
 Rod Choy
 , NE
Greg Kochis, Jerry Gibson, Gary Landel, Whitney Warren, and I crewed 671 76-79. It was where I learned to be a CREW CHIEF and never accepting "NO" for an answer.
CMSgt retired Rod Choy
06/17/2007 @ 09:35 [ref: 16858]
 Mel Tsukamoto
 , WA
I was a crew chief on 2671 from '81-'86 at Hickam AFB.That was a really good duty and also being a local at home.All of the flight crews and maintenace crews were all good guys. It was alot of work though before and after each mission.I can proudly tell people that I was part of the Command Crew elite.
08/27/2006 @ 06:42 [ref: 14001]
 Rosamond, CA
I think the two new pics are of 59-1518 not 2671. When did you take them? Not to be really picky but after working on 1518 for 10 years in the 8th TDCS--you can spot it real easy, I am sure you can relate. Look at the Inbd engine struts also I think the two new pics have INMARSAT--I don't think 671 had that.
02/23/2006 @ 10:05 [ref: 12595]


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