Boeing E-4A 'Sentry'

Notes: Military version of boeing 747--200B commercial transport equipped for advanced airborne national command post mission (3 CREW) .
  Base model:E-4
  Designation System:U.S. Tri-Service
  Designation Period:1962-Present
  Basic role:Electronics

Not Yet Available

Known serial numbers
73-1676 / 73-1677, 74-0787


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 cairo, CT
Thank u so much
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Thank u so much
08/04/2012 @ 17:17 [ref: 64856]
 Handy McRumplesteen
 Whoop-de-doo, WI
I believe the E-4A was not nicknamed the 'Sentry' as the main Boeing aircraft page reflects. The correct nickname is the 'Smegma'.

Bill Ely, is indeed a lover of men.
12/28/2005 @ 21:38 [ref: 12038]
 John Juszkiewicz
 Alpine, CA
Got to fly on the first E-4A out of offutt in think 1979 or 1980 or maybe a litle earlier... was assigned to the 2ACCS enjoyed the 135's...E-4A was to big for Me
08/29/2005 @ 00:42 [ref: 11114]
 Buster Hymen
 Great Falls, NE
Rusty, Here is a picture of your beloved plane as requested. Just imagine wings mounted on the sides, and you're off and running. Enjoy, douchebag.
05/10/2005 @ 22:30 [ref: 10183]
 , AL
I was looking for any picture I could find of an E-4A. All pictures I find are the B models with the satcom dish cover. I cut my teeth as an airborne communicatior on the A model and would like to get a photo for my collection.

11/24/2004 @ 10:04 [ref: 8701]
 Mark A. Stiefel
 Missoula, MT
I am glad the Internet has become such an open forum, but am outraged that others have abused it on this site. I feel I need to defend myself. My Air Force days are behind me and I've moved on to a new place. I'm proud of everything I accomplished while in the service. Now, many years after my seperation, I followed a dream I've had since I was a child. In 2003 I began my new life as Maxine. I still miss flying and think quite often about all the interesting missions I flew on the E-4B. But I'm happy now in my new life as a Cabaret dancer in Montana. I've just been promoted to special guest dancer on 18 and under nights. I miss the feel of nomex against my skin, but silk thongs and sports bras are hard to walk away from.
07/07/2004 @ 19:59 [ref: 7778]
 Mark A. Stiefel
 Yukon, OK
The aircraft was not known as Sentry. There wasn't any name for the aircraft but the unclassified mission name was "Nightwatch". Two of the three aircraft listed were built as commercial airliners (for Quantas I think) and the three aircraft modified to E-4A by installing the EC-135 (Looking Glass) mission equipment suite. All three aircraft were converted from E-4A to E-4B configuration in the early 1980s. I arrived at Offutt AFB in the fall of 1983 and the third aircraft was departing for the mod center at Greenville, TX. The mod took approx two years to complete.
03/26/2004 @ 17:28 [ref: 7071]


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