Boeing EB-47L 'Stratojet'

  Base model:B-47
  Designation System:U.S. Air Force
  Designation Period:1924-Present
  Basic role:Bomber
  Modified Mission:Special electronic installation

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 Steve Leazer
 , CA
If you happen to visit the AF Museum at Dayton, you will find a bench outside the building dedicated to the PACCS Mission. The B-47L was very much a part of that mission. I was one of the Radio Techs on the ABNCP that worked through the Pipecleaner.
05/01/2015 @ 15:09 [ref: 69058]
 Robert Loffredo
 Des Moines, IA
I served with the 307th A & E at Lincoln AFB NE from
1962 to 1965 and worked on EB-47L's untill they went to the
Bone yard. The EB-47L had a crew of three and was a radio
relay with ARC-89(V) radio system. The EB-47L's served as
SAC's best back-up untill the EC-135L's came into use.

Robert Loffredo
02/21/2012 @ 05:05 [ref: 53154]
 SMSgt James L Guild
 Webster, NY
I was assigned to the 376th Bomb Wing, Lockbourne AFB, Ohio from 1961-1964. We maintained the EB-47L, pipe cleaner , aircraft which consisted of a crew of 5, 2 EW operators located in the bombay area, the Navigator, Copilot and Pilot. Primary function was electonic countermeasures operations including EB-47 post attack command and control operations from December 1962- Feb 1965. Our sister Wing ,301st Bomb wing operated the bomb group operation and air refueling at Lockbourne until phased out.This included TDY operations in RAF Brice Norton,England and Goose Bay ,Labrador. The commander at this time was Col Alan F Adams.
01/12/2005 @ 20:40 [ref: 9123]